Autistic Boy and Mom Kicked Off Flight

Welcome to the no-so-friendly skies. Here is an astonishing story about kids and their moms getting kicked off the plane for being unruly.

Two-year-old autistic toddler Jarret Farrell wasn't a happy traveler - and nothing his mom tried to calm him down worked. And what did the airline do? They kicked them both off the plane!

"[The flight attendant] kept coming over and tugging his seatbelt to make it tighter, 'This has to stay tight.' And then he was wiggling around and trying to get out of his seatbelt. And she kept coming over and reprimanding him and yelling at him" Farrell told ABC News' Raleigh-Durham affiliate WTVD.

Farrell said that a pilot came into to the cabin and told Jarret, "You have to get in your seat, young man." Farrell said she started crying then, which just exacerbated Jarret's behavior. "He just melted down. He saw me getting upset. He was upset. He was on the floor rolling around," Farrell told WTVD.

That's when the pilot turned the plane around and headed back to the terminal, where Farrell and her son were escorted off the plane.

Link (with video)

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One of my boys is autistic. If the stewardess grabbed at him (a stranger) or his seatbelt it would freak him out. I have seen situations like this (personally) rapidly go downhill when people don't listen to the parent because they ASSUME your child is a brat. I don't know if she told the airline ahead of time, she was probably more than willing to adjust his seatbelt repeatedly. He was buckled but they kept screwing with him. When strangers try to touch my son he trips out. Most drugs safe for airline travel as is common with many kids...don't work with my son and the more upset he is the more he has to burn through it to crash. I imagine mom was hysterical and bewildered. It is hard enough taking an autistic child into any unusual circumstance like a new store. This was already hard on her. Autism changes families not just the child who is born with it.
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After reading this and these oppin I agree there was a great concern of the airline to keep a safe and on time flight but I agree if the flight attendants were aware of the situation an autistic child they probably could of handled this situation . Although for those ignorance comments of Autism its real ! and obviously you dont know anyone with autism so maybe someday you will or have a child of your own with autism lets see how you handle it?? I was recently in a mall with an autistic child I work with and a lady made a comment some parents have no control its not about control when they go in these rages they are unaware of their unless your an expert in autism maybe you should think twice before you voice your oppinion,,,,
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Damn!Thats against the disabity act in EVERY COUNTRY,the mam should sue the airline she has them hung she can get millions out of this besides this was'nt the aspergers and aspergers kids actually tend to obey the rules and tons of them are interested in airplanes and aviation
so there is two points against disibility act:
1.Blaming actions which are not due to disablement on disibility
2.Not allowing travel due to disablement
If that mam sues which i would advise her too she will get that airline closed down more than likely!
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These are some of the most ignorant comments I have ever heard. This mom was taking a flight with her AUTISTIC son which she paid for just like the rest of the passengers.She did not choose for him to be Autistic and Autism is not some over diagnosed pop culture syndrome. I cringed at hearing that statement and it saddens me to think of those parents who have lived with the difficult struggles of having a child with Autism and that they are still able to provide them with some sort of normalcy like taking a trip only to have our society be so selfish and pompous.
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I have an Autistic son. I wish it was something we could control or cure. That would make my life so much easier. I am just so glad we have all these experts around, I won't be seeing our Doctor at Children's Hospital anymore I am going to ask some of these people what I should do with my son. I am so sick and tired of ignorant people. People with disabilities are so much more compassionate and forgiving. Just better human beings all around. I have flown many many times and its not the unruly child that is the problem. It's the cell phone using, have not showered, loud, drinking, thinks they need to jump up and down getting items out of their carry on that drives people crazy. The child will eventually settle down and everyone is happy. The idiot with the cell phone will still be stupid at the end of the trip. (why don't they get kicked off?)
The mother of the Autistic child should have medicated her child. Making him more comfortable. But the flight attendent should keep her hands to herself.
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