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You know what they say about something too good to be true, and taking candy from strangers, etc etc. -via Unique Daily

Update: Boing Boing posted this and commenters provided more information.

It was made at the Savannah College of the Arts, and was written and directed by Christian Simmons. Heres a high-quality version of the film. Here's a behind-the-scenes video.

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Oh and "Just a Guy", I have long since implemeneted the policy of never saying on line what I would not say to the persons face.

Yes I was very angry, but that was because I was very angry, not due to the anonymity of the internet.

Anger causes me such distress that it is something i try to avoid, some times to my own detriment. So if I sounded off it was not done lightly.

I appreciate your point that you are not refering to me per se, but I think I should make the point.

All the best

Pol x
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What is it about internet that causes people to get so angry?
I think it's somehow connected to road rage... there must be something in the human brain that allows anger to go unchecked when we are 'protected' from intimate retribution... like behind the armor of a car, the internet, and perhaps even a crowd of others (so perhaps mob violence can be included in this theory?)

I find it much harder to be angry / 'yell at' people in person, even if I'm justified in my anger. Hmmm

(And, pol x, i'm not saything thats the case with you. This whole situation just made me think about these things.)
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Sorry Pol x. That was just my first reaction. Didn't mean to hit a nerve so hard or induce vomiting. I'm not the thought police, I'm not a moron and I'm sure you're not either so please accept my apology.
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