The Truth About Internet Dating

Internet dating: The entire story is told in one cartoon. It warmed my heart, then brought a tear to my eye (sorta), because it’s so true. I would like to know who the artist is. Link

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This is definitely what it felt like during 'the hunt'... but then you find a relationship that actually works, and it changes entirely!

Met my man 5 years ago online :o)
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my best friend met her husband online. they've been together for about 4-5 years and they're expecting their second kid thi month.

my dad apparently dates online all the time! the first time he told me that i laughed soo hard.. and he's had lots of success too! go dad go!
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I met a girl online in 2001. Our three-year wedding anniversary is Wednesday.

It's a lovely comic, but not as true as it once might have been.
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Bah! This comic is silly! I've known several couples who've met online. My previous relationship of two years was with someone I met online. My current relationship is with someone I met online. A friend moved from New York to Ohio to be with someone she met online, and they've been together for five years now. My roomate met his totally awesome girlfriend online over a year ago.

This comic is silly. :P
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Oh, I don't know... They had a couple meet on the Battlestar Galactica forums and end up getting married. One of the behind-the-scenes videos on the dvds talked about how BSG brought them together online.

Yes, yes, I am a geek, and I do watch BSG, even the dvd extras.... so, anyone want a date? :P
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