Lawmaker Wants To Outlaw Barbies

We've all heard someone complain about the stereotypes and sexism associated with Barbies, but now Democrat Jeff Eldridge wants to have the dolls banned in West Virginia. He claims the dolls encourage girls to focus too much importance on looks, rather than brains.

The announcement came right as Mattel is prepping up to celebrate Barbie's 50th birthday on March 9th.

What are your thoughts, classic American icon or symbol of of an outdated 50's mentality? Photo Via CherrySoda [Flickr]

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This num nuts jackass...makes all West Virginians just shake their heads...There is no "evidence" whatsoever that Barbie is a danger to American femininity. My beautiful wife is a high school principal, my daughter is a medical lab technologist, Barbies are all over the place here at my beautiful grand daughter has the electric powered jeep with working FM radio, we have the horse farm, the stuff!

I am a radio disc jockey, (morning mouth)..and have 90 hours in clinical psychology graduate school finished...I want to see this jackass's fricking DATA! No damned research design...verbal masturbater! I hate this crap that demeans our otherwise pretty good legislature...and our beautiful state where we DO often wear Allen Edmonds shoes...and no, I did not marry my cousin although she IS a knockout...LOL

God please spare us from the jackasses! I did read a post in the Charleston Gazette that this Delegate, was the owner of a bar called JJ's in Madison, West Virginis...I'm checking it out, I think it was some sort of bar that did not enhance the value of women as it's stellar mission...I'm checking it out...would not surprise me at all if it's a gentlemen's bar...LOL

I don't know for sure, I'm still checking...if I find out it's true, I'm busting him! Citizen's arrest! LOL
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Barbie isn't just pretty hair and clothes. Barbie has at least 50 jobs, ranging from teacher, doctor, astronaut, and rock star. She is whatever the girl playing with her wants her to be, and in a way whatever that little girl herself wants to be. How is that sexist? If anything, it's thousands of times more progressive than all the baby dolls she replaced. All you can do with those is play mommy.
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Like many little girls in the Western world, i had lots of Barbies when i was young. My mother, a single parent, was certainly against stereotypes and is a feminist, but i'm glad she let me play with the dolls. When children are very little, they do not make the connection between dolls and the fact that they're supposed to represent real people. Yes, they understand that they're human figures, but do not make any meaningful associations apart from that. (This is why "show me on the doll where the bad man touched you" is no longer accepted as testimony in court). I enjoyed my Barbies. They are well-made and interesting to play with. By the time girls are old enough to make the kinds of associations adults do, they are probably already bored with their dolls.
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