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I'm in San Diego, and all the news stations are reporting that everything is still on the defensive. It's not looking good.

PLEASE - contact your local Red Cross or other organization to see what you can do to help. We are already getting reports of items needed. Things like pet food (a lot of animals are being displaced, shelters are bursting over capacity, and the animals need to eat!), clothes, children's toys (ever seen a shelter with a bunch of bored toddlers and kids?), water, and much more. PLEASE! PLEASE! See what you can do to help. We will appreciate all assistance.
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This whole thing suggests that at any time, an animal you have adopted could be removed at any time by the organization from which you adopted it from. Does this mean that I don't actually own the pets I have adopted? Or, to phrase it a better way, that they still aren't part of my family - but on loan from the adoption agency for an indeterminate amount of time?
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So..... she underwent a medical procedure in order to save her own life? I wouldn't call that brave. I'd call it human nature, survival is what we were all programed to do.
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When my lovely neighbors decide to start blasting their music I slip in John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Brian Eno and turn the volume up after placing the speakers close to the fence. If they don't take the hint, I start playing funeral marches. They get it by then.
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I can finally support the President on this one. Zombie's are a threat to our children, and with their leader Zombie Cheney who would want to imagine the horrors of what they could do? I wish 'Ed' had taken it all a bit more seriously.

(Bravo for the great parody!)
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What is happening to Neatorama? Some guy's brain goes into shock because it is dying, throws him some funky hallucination and it's suddenly proof there's a god? Pilots go through the same sort of experience under extreme g force. Near death experience is not proof that any religion is true, it has been debunked as nothing more then the frantic flailing of the dying brain.

Stick to what you do best Neatorama and leave the religious preaching out.
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Someone on Yahoo!Answers posted saying they had tried and experienced these results and concluded by saying they were going to sue the makers of Alli for it. What is it with our culture wanting instant gratification without doing any work to earn it?
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It would be interesting to look at this man's record while on the bench .... I wonder if he ever made any really bad judgments due to his mental illness. (And yes, I'm sorry - but all evidence points that this man has some kind of psychological problem in which he felt losing his favorite pair of pants actually justified $54m.)
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To understand the domestication process (which had a huge impact on the evolution of todays house cats) read 'Tribe of the Tiger'. Great book on the nature of cats.
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For Jerse - I'm not very well skilled in Arabic but if he did use 'father' in the pitch (I didn't pick it up in French though) it's not that strange.

I've been called 'mother' by many street kids who are selling or begging. It pulls at the heart strings horribly and it is good at guilt-tripping people into buying/donating. Even when I traveled with my parents as a teenager (like 14 to 17) kids would rush up and call me mother, urging me 'Mother, please buy.' and other variations.
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