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Really I think we should be reassuring the parents and students that vampires are indeed real and that probably one out of ten students is an infected vampire. The ensuing mayhem and panic should be pretty hilarious for the rest of us.
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Thanks to the new guidelines requiring all things kid to be tested at a cost of $4,000 per item we can kiss stuff like this goodbye. Unless the big clothing and toy makers start producing them.
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Poor kid. His mom was asleep and he was *that* eager to get to school for his breakfast? That woman is a disgusting monster.

Someone please explain to me why just anyone is allowed to procreate?
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With a dog who refuses to walk outside when its raining (yeah, she won't even go in the yard to relive herself she actually holds it), this could come in handy. Then again this is San Diego, so she can spend the five days out of the year that it does rain indoors.
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I love it when people just pounce on these "green" materials without arming themselves with ALL the facts. How much more CO2 is required to make this alternative concrete? In the same way that ethanol fuel doesn't actually save fossil fuel oil (it takes a gallon of oil to make gallon (1.2 to be exact) of ethanol) this concrete may not actually be any better then the old stuff.
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Uh, the drug isn't named Allergan - that's the name of the company who developed and manufactures the drug which is named: Latisse

You don't even have to read the full article to get that much, just the BoingBoing tidbit.....
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I can't say I blame him for being upset. His photo was taken and used for profit without his consent. And to top it all off, it's being used to humiliate him. So, why people (looking at comments from other blogs) are declaring that his suit proves he's a douche is beyond me. You'd be angry too if you were in his position.
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This reminds me of when I was poor. Really poor. I didn't eat for nearly a week because I had to pay for my bus pass that week to get to school and work .... then I finally had to break down and call my mom and she sent me a box of ramen and told me I could pay her back with my next paycheck.

Oh wait, no it doesn't. This guy is just a delusional jerk who spends others people money and shafts the needy.
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ā€œIt is embarrassing to have another person wait on you,ā€ the psychologist Ernest Dichter told a magazine reporter in 1960.

Um, no it's not. I don't go out to eat and pay $150 to have to get my own drinks and bus my own table.
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Conceptual questions and answers might require a higher level of education and greater English-language dexterity.

Uh, don't you think that was the intent of the test writers? To weed out the people they think the country won't benefit from? Instead of addressing the possibility these questions will intentionally set some applicants up for failure, why not demand to know *why* they're doing it and what they're going to do to *fix* it?
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I'm from San Diego. And there is no way this girl is a virgin. There might be a slim chance she hasn't had vaginal intercourse, but I'll bet she's done everything else to make up for it.
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