Longer Eyelashes, Just A Drug Away

The FDA has just approved a drug that will help lengthen your eyelashes. Hopefully they won't get quite as long as the ones in this photo, but who knows the long term effects of eyelash medication overdoses?

The drug, Allergan, contains an active ingredient that was originally created to treat glaucoma, but found to have this pleasant side effect. The drug should be available in May and will cost $120 per each month's supply. It will take about two to four months for the effect to start to show.

Link Photo By Asobitsuchiya [Flickr]

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If anyone on here is interested in longer eyelashes you can get eyelash extensions that last up to three months now and are much cheaper tgan this drug, most probably better for your body too!
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Um... is there any medical reason for needing this drug? I mean, I read that it makes lashes thicker, not longer... so wouldn't that help a person who's lashes are so deficient as to be ineffective with regards to protecting the eyes?

But besides that, no one said that a person would suddenly become beautiful with nicer lashes if they weren't so already... it really just helps to give that little something extra to a woman's self confidence... everyone deserves to feel good about themselves and some people need a little help getting there.
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hollywoodbob lmfa. thats funny. these look like fakes anyway. dont think anyone wants to look like that. but then again look at all the crazy people with those horrible looking super long finger and toe nails.
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