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Longer Eyelashes, Just A Drug Away

The FDA has just approved a drug that will help lengthen your eyelashes. Hopefully they won't get quite as long as the ones in this photo, but who knows the long term effects of eyelash medication overdoses?

The drug, Allergan, contains an active ingredient that was originally created to treat glaucoma, but found to have this pleasant side effect. The drug should be available in May and will cost $120 per each month's supply. It will take about two to four months for the effect to start to show.

Link Photo By Asobitsuchiya [Flickr]

Or, get over it. If you're not conventionally attractive, lashes aren't going to give you the last crucial nudge into prettyville. But the tiny tiny notion that they might will make this medicine a huge seller. I wore fake lashes once for a photo shoot, and the reaction back in normal life-town was striking. There's something about the eyes, big eyes, Cleopatra eyes. Spaghetti monster help us.
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Really? REALLY? Do people have THAT big of issues with small eyelashes? My cousin met her future husband right after she accidentally burned her eyebrows and eyelashes off with a grill burner. Jeeze.
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Uh, the drug isn't named Allergan - that's the name of the company who developed and manufactures the drug which is named: Latisse

You don't even have to read the full article to get that much, just the BoingBoing tidbit.....
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This kind of sh*t makes me f°*king sick to my stomach.

Would it be wrong of me to hope that this drug backfires horribly and clears away a little bit of precious space on our lovely rock?
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Two questions:

When did they cure cancer and aids?

And Why didn't I hear about it?

I can see the commercial now, "Ask your doctor if Lash-X is right for you. Side effects include loss of appetite, stomach cramping, bleeding gums, extreme pubic hair growth, diarrhea, ocular tenderness, male pattern baldness in women, and full body rashes, if you experience rectal bleeding or blindness, please consult your physician as these can be signs of a possible fatal condition."
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woah so that's what eyelashes would look like if they completely grew? haha that's really cool... it's curly...

pretty gross though.
eh why do people bother
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I don't see why anyone should have a problem with this any more than they should have a problem with hair dye and Proactive. Thousands (millions?) of women want longer lashes because it is found attractive in our culture (watch any mascara ad). I don't see what's so wrong about people wanting to appear attractive.
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@ Rocky Rook

Brother you don't know the half of it! I was sitting here munching on Twix bar and then I see this picture pop up on my RSS feed. Yikes! Chocolaty crumbs all over my screen as I choked on a bite.
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If it's not obvious already, those aren't even fake eyelashes, those are HAIR EXTENSIONS, GLUED onto her eyelids.

I don't understand why people are getting so riled up - if you don't want it don't buy it, if someone else wants it, turn a blind eye. It's just like wearing fake eyelashes, or dying your hair, or getting a waxing or any hair removal.

Of course it's stupid to depend on it completely and obsess over it like no tomorrow, completely believing it'll be the answer to all your short-eyelash trouble, and overuse it. But some people really do have a complex, because I know a handful of people that their parents have clipped their eyelashes in response to the myth of clipping them will make them grow longer.
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This is nothing new. Jan Marini has had a product that lengthens your lashes for years. It's expensive, but it works. My old boss used to use it. I honestly don't see the issue with it.

Some women want longer lashes, why is that a bad thing? You can't be mad at people for wanting longer lashes, but not whiter teeth, or hair extensions or breast implants.
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It actually doesn't help that much with the eyelashes. I use the drops to lower my eye pressure as I have a pre-glaucoma condition, and my lashes are slightly longer but not darker. It hasn't made much of a difference.
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hollywoodbob lmfa. thats funny. these look like fakes anyway. dont think anyone wants to look like that. but then again look at all the crazy people with those horrible looking super long finger and toe nails.
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Um... is there any medical reason for needing this drug? I mean, I read that it makes lashes thicker, not longer... so wouldn't that help a person who's lashes are so deficient as to be ineffective with regards to protecting the eyes?

But besides that, no one said that a person would suddenly become beautiful with nicer lashes if they weren't so already... it really just helps to give that little something extra to a woman's self confidence... everyone deserves to feel good about themselves and some people need a little help getting there.
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If anyone on here is interested in longer eyelashes you can get eyelash extensions that last up to three months now and are much cheaper tgan this drug, most probably better for your body too!
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