Could You Pass the New US Citizenship Test?

It's getting harder to become naturalized US citizens; the new civic component of the citizenship test now has conceptual questions rather than simple memorization ones:

The new civics list, a pool of 100 possible questions for a test of up to 10, omits the old "How many stars are there on our flag?" and "Name the amendments that guarantee or address voting rights." Taking their place are questions like: "There are four amendments to the Constitution about who can vote. Describe one of them," and "What is one responsibility that is only for United States citizens?"

"It's more about really knowing something that you would get from living here ... rather than just reading about it and being a bookworm," said Joey Hornbuckle, 17, of Newnan, Georgia.

Others, including Ethiopia native Anteneh Workneh, addressed an issue that immigrant advocates have raised: Conceptual questions and answers might require a higher level of education and greater English-language dexterity.

Photo: Jason Hanna/CNN

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Aren't US high school students required to take American government? Don't students read any of the constitution in that class? I did 34 years ago), and the students I teach are required to read it, answer homework questions about it, discuss it, and take tests on it.
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No problem Mooncake. I was just indulging, in my post, a gut reaction to random anti-Obama non sequitors. I know I'm not neutral; I just had a moment when I let my yawn part override my diplomacy part.

It's never that I think Obama's some perfect answer or perfect person. It's just that the absurd contentions of the opposition sometimes get too ridiculous to ignore. I actually, while acknowledging my in-the-tankness for Obama, think that's fair.

@Jean: whatever facts are you referring to? That Obama doesn't know how many states there are? If Good night and best wishes.
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yunno, i'm sure there are some people in this forum who couldn't pass it. you guys aren't superior to each other, what's the contest? evil and violet have nothing better to do than argue with each other about who's political views are more correct... and others just ignore the blabber and make silly, fun comments worth reading and expanding upon. i have nothing against you guys (evil and violet) and i don't think either of you are correct on the basic fact that arguing your political stance is not something new to this election. keep it up, you'll get nowhere. and it's not a "left" thing (jean) to not understand what legal immigration is... it's usually an ignorance thing. has nothing to do with what "side" you tend to position yourself, although most people tend to gravitate towards one side or the other so they can blame the other side for all the problems. eh, i suppose it's human nature to be filled with unwarranted pride.

not saying there aren't REAL people out there who know what they're talking about, and not saying i'm any better than most people. just saying it's pointless to argue these subjects because really, where does it get us? not like our opinions matter anyway. the government has been trying for a week now to convince us that a $700billion bailout bill is necessary to "save" the economy. they have even changed the verbiage to make it sound like we would be rejecting a good idea: they call it the "rescue plan" now. just by changing it from 'bailout' to 'rescue' they are manipulating us. they had no problem with spending trillions without our consent, why do they need it to spend another $700 billion if they're gonna push it until it passes anyway? and BOTH SIDES agree to it, so who's the blame on this one?

wow.. a complete switch of topics. sorry, fellas.
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Did anyone bother to take the quiz on that page? It combines some of the old questions with some of the new.

It was laughably easy, in any case. I got 100%... and I didn't even study. (I'm also not American.)
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