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Shouldn't those lines be held securely in place by the power company who installed them? Designed not be easily knocked off by a small animal? So, how exactly does this become the fault of the squirrel in which you can say it deserves violent retribution possible resulting in injury or death?
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My gwad! Neatorama - WTF are you doing putting this kind of horrible stuff up?

Even if it's an animal considered a pest by some people, it's still a living breathing animal. And it deserves respect. Not to be treated like a cheap form of entertainment that can be mauled, maimed and killed for the pleasure of people on the internet.

I'll be rethinking my next visit here vary carefully now. Shame on you Neatorama. That was truly sick.
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First off - does anyone know how much reconstituted corn is in that cheese sandwich? Or anything else reheated and pried from a can at the school cafeteria for that matter. School lunches are not healthy sources of nutrition. The children should be eating whole foods and torching the junk produced by the cafeteria.

For other folks who seem to think that Chula Vista is an upper middle class community .... HA! I went to school there. Sure, maybe Eastlake and Otay are okay. But take a cruise around central Chula Vista. Not the best place to be if your in San Diego.

Lien on a house? Puh-leeze! Chula Vista has a large majority of renters, many parts of the community are poor. With the increasing mortgage rates many homeowners are facing tighter and tighter budgets.

For the person who said lunch was only a $1.50 at Chula Vista schools .... yes, it is. (Way up from when I went to school in that district.) But $1.50 is a lot of money for some families, and many families in that community have more than one child.
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OMG! Those teachers should be removed from a classroom and never allowed to teach again. Harsh? I think not, when I was in fourth grade a teacher called me a rude name in front of the whole class because I forgot my homework on the bus. It's not something I've ever forgotten and it still hurts to this day when I think back to suffering that woman's stupidity for a year.
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