Most Likely Not To Have Children Award.

What has elementary school's come to these days? Indianapolis sixth-grader Matt Porter was awarded "Most Likely Not To Have Children" award ... by his teachers!

The certificates were signed by the teachers who distributed them. Matt recalled what the ceremony was like.

"I was standing in the middle of (the two teachers), and they (were) reading them off," he said. "Everyone was laughing."

Matt felt humiliated.

"They (were) putting us down and everything," he said. "That is not what their job is for, to put kids down. They are supposed to teach us."

Link - via GorillaMask

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"I’m a little annoyed that “most likely not to have children” is being implied as a negative thing."

Well, it probably was meant as "such a loser that he'll never get laid" and this interpretation is rather negative.

You may see it as "smart enough to know bringing an innocent child in this rotten world is not a good idea" but that's not the common view.

In any case. Public school. Indiana. There you have it.
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when i was in early elementary school i was duct-taped to my chair, by my crime? holding the puppet before story time...(you would make the puppet 'tell' the story (kind of like kermit, or a punch and judy bit). being told you won't reproduce? give me a break.....
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Yeah, the story does sound a little harsh, but I'd really like to hear the other side of it. I would not be surprised if teh kid is a royal brat and the teacher(s) just exclaimed something in despair, sick of dealing with him. Let's hear the other side. Something tells me the kid is just a wuss who can't take it as well as he gives it out. His statement really smacks to me of something his parents told him to say, as well. I smell greedy parents with a sheister lawyer!
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