School Vehemently Denies Vampire Infestation

The Boston Latin School, a private prep school, issued a press release in the hopes of quashing rumors that the school is infested with vampires:
"The headmaster believes that the outrageous rumors had reached a point where she had to say something to families to ensure that all students felt safe and respected," said Chris Horan, School Department spokesman.

In my experience, when an authority figure denies that there is a problem, the problem has become much, much worse than feared.

Link via Hit & Run

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This is absolutely ridiculous. I actually ATTEND BLS and i can tell you all that it was just a stupid joke played by some 9th graders and because the idiots at Fox 25 news went ballistic everyone thinks that the students of BLS are nocturnal blood-suckers. Anyone who believes what the media has been saying about this is shallow, small-minded, and gullible.

Thank you.
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im a very open minded person whos to say vampires arent real no one has ever seen god yet people believe he was real so who can say vampires arent real...i dont think this school is infested with them but im just saying just because youve never seen it doesnt mean it doesnt exist
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..........animals like dogs lions and etc
.......but comeon vampires? seriously?thats .....thats ubsurd absolutly stupid...

new nickname for vampires ..(cannibals) seriously
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I'd like to believe you Annilisa, but given your ability to write coherently using proper grammar, spelling, and syntax, I find it hard to believe that you attend an American public high school ;)
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This comment is coming in a little bit late, but I go to Boston Latin School and we are not stupid. We did not start these rumors, the press did. The fact that public media is following a high school rumor is cause for more concern than the vampires themselves. This attention should be directed towards the war or the government. Not high school rumors. Also, BLS is not a private charter school. It is a Boston Public School, the oldest public school in the nation. Thank you for listening.
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