Near Death Experience of an Atheist

Avowed atheist Howard Storm didn't believe in such things as life after death - until one day in 1985 when he had a near death experience:

In 1985, Mr. Storm, 38, and his wife, Beverly, were in Paris on the last day of an art tour. Buckled over by searing pain in the middle of his stomach, he was rushed to the hospital. Awaiting emergency surgery, he knew he was dying. He said good-bye to his wife and drifted into darkness. [...]

Off in the distance, outside the room in the hall, he heard voices calling him. They were pleasant voices, male and female, young and old, calling to him in English. "Come out here," they said. "Don't you want to get better?" He stepped out into the hall, full of anxiety. [...]

Even though he couldn't see anything in the darkness, he was aware there were dozens or hundreds of them all around and over him and that his attempts to fight back only provoked greater merriment. They began to tear off pieces of his flesh, and he realized that he was being taken apart and eaten alive, methodically, slowly, so that their entertainment would last as long as possible. In that wretched state he lay there in the darkness.

Link - via Cliff Pickover's RealityCarnival

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"Bad dreams and delusions" You cannot hallucinate when you are dead Einstein. When you flatline your brain ceases to function.

You people make it sound like this is the only man who has seen visions of hell.
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This is a perfect example of making more of something than it really is. Bad dreams and delusions are very common and easily explained and understood by anyone who has even a very basic knowledge of how the human mind works.
Also his experience has no validity as far as what the rest of us should believe. All we have to go by are our own experiences.
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if you read the whole article this is what it says in the end:
Jesus weeps for New Bedford," he said. "He can heal addictions, broken relationships and poverty. I broke every one of the Ten Commandments. Jesus can fix what's wrong with us."

ha! ha! ha! isnt the XI commanandment "thou shalt not kill"

What i want to know is who did he kill?
and how did he get away with it?

peace&love - JC
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Hm.... I went away for a week and was quite surprised with the interest this topic generated.

The good (albeit a little touchy) discussion aside, I'd like to point out that Neatorama's coverage of all things religion is quite varied. Like ted, a long time reader btw, noted, we've covered FSM, intelligent design, the boy Buddha, etc. In many of those posts, we've been accused of being especially anti-Christian. And now, we're accused of exactly the opposite. Hm.
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Interesting how many of you seem to be qualified medical experts, leaving comments about "hallucinations" and "bad dreams" and such.

You're merely parroting what you hear from other people you agree with, rather than having any ACTUAL medical training or experience to back up your claims.

I am friends with two people who have had Near-Death Experiences, and they will tell you that they were certainly NOT hallucinations or dreams. They don't even like talking about them because of the severely negative reaction many people give them, such as the ones you all have given regarding Mr. Storm

You guys are no different than any average bully...unspeakably arrogant and so certain that you have the right answer and anyone who DARES to think otherwise is simply an idiot.

I agree that religion has caused many, MANY of the worlds problems. But is it really religion, or men who claim to be religious and become drunk with power and a desire to force their religious views on others?

You are all missing the point. Religious people have been the source of more GOOD works in this world than bad works. You just don't hear about it in the press because good news never sells.

Please take a broader look at this issue and stop being so closed minded.
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