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Near Death Experience of an Atheist

Avowed atheist Howard Storm didn't believe in such things as life after death - until one day in 1985 when he had a near death experience:

In 1985, Mr. Storm, 38, and his wife, Beverly, were in Paris on the last day of an art tour. Buckled over by searing pain in the middle of his stomach, he was rushed to the hospital. Awaiting emergency surgery, he knew he was dying. He said good-bye to his wife and drifted into darkness. [...]

Off in the distance, outside the room in the hall, he heard voices calling him. They were pleasant voices, male and female, young and old, calling to him in English. "Come out here," they said. "Don't you want to get better?" He stepped out into the hall, full of anxiety. [...]

Even though he couldn't see anything in the darkness, he was aware there were dozens or hundreds of them all around and over him and that his attempts to fight back only provoked greater merriment. They began to tear off pieces of his flesh, and he realized that he was being taken apart and eaten alive, methodically, slowly, so that their entertainment would last as long as possible. In that wretched state he lay there in the darkness.

Link - via Cliff Pickover's RealityCarnival

Hmmmm .... MORE fundamentalist christian propaganda on Neatorama??? How lame. I see nothing neat about this. I really never thought that I'd be pissy with a Neatorama post ... ever. It's a freaking TERRIBLE story, that's so damned cliche ... c'mon guys, you should've even caught that.

And what in the hells with most of the religious posts being christian based? Where's the love for the Muslims, Buddhists, Hinduists, Scientologists, Pagans and Atheists?
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I agree, this story is completely out of place here, this is pure propaganda. It seems the rev. watched some 80's zombie movie while smoking some pot and had a bad trip.
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For atheist this illustrates how fear of death and hallucination can trigger religiosity.

What do you base that opinion on, m-hawk? Atheist are confronted by Christians more often but they don't have any preference about what religious faith they don't believe in.

Buddhism is not theist, by the way.
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m-hawk: That is because you move in a christian-centric society. Buddhists or Jews don't try to force their religion on you and muslims usually keep it to themselves (when in non-muslim countries especially).

You're confusing the atheists you've known with the atheists of all the world. The most vocal ones are the anti-christianity but this is only because christianity is the most vocal of religions. You're talking about outspoken atheists. Most of the atheists out there will keep their ideas to themselves unless challenged (like anyone).

You may notice nobody complains about religion in neatorama unless it seems we're being convinced of something. In this case trying to be convinced that because a self-defined atheist had a bad experience (which could probably be explained as sub-conscious guilt) it means atheists will go to hell (let's be blunt, that's what the post entry is saying).

Christians (and other religions, those that believe in hell) will see a moral story here. Atheists see this as propaganda. I personally see it as a cheap shot at getting discussion going.
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...It's interesting how his site (linked at the bottom) characterizes atheists as not enjoying anything, using rage to control people, not pleasant, and hostile to people who practiced religion. What a great way to win Christian readers for your new book.

A bit disappointed with this evangelist post. No facts, just another myth.

For a more entertaining read, check out .
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Yeah, why again this christian propaganda?

I knew from the start that this 'atheist' would turn in a reverend (or at least a christian) ...

Is Neatorama becoming a christian site?
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it is a very entertaining story, hence neat enough to be posted here.
also, this is great news: just yell "jesus save me!" upon being thrust into the fiery pits of hell, and no matter what you did in life (quote: "I broke every one of the Ten Commandments"), you are on the safe side.
btw. does his statement mean he is a murderer....? maybe the police should check up on him.

just too bad this guy didn't mention any raven-like creatures in the netherworld, it would have well fitted the series of posts ;)
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This is the type of loaded garbage that turned me away from religion. It wasn't any atheist books, lectures, it wasn't the evolution debate or any of the rest.

It was pure disgust at what the upright and self proclaimed religious people were doing and the dishonesty and lack of care for the poor or anyone else they showed. If they hadn't offered such good reason to start asking if the doubters might have a point it might never have come to it, but I'm more atheist than agnostic myself these days.

And surprise, more joy, hope, and interest in life than ever. Now it's in my hands, not someone else's. Morals evolved, they didn't come from a book. It's hate that we teach and modern religion does a great job of that.
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so the guy's going through incredible pain, and his brain is loosing oxygen fast. He begins to hallucinate. Shockingly, his hallucination is about -pain- the exact same thing that all his nerves ate telling his brain he's experiencing.

Not impressed.
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Stupid article -- bad dreams or other manifestations of a troubled or fearful mind don't equal any sort of transcendent reality.

Really, really have to recommend the new book, god is not great. Very readable, not strident in any way. Worth buying. (And no, I have nothing to do with the book except being an enthusiastic reader.)
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Why wasn’t it some other god instead of the Christian god. How did he know which god?

Maybe because there is only one God (there's a difference between God and a god.)

I'm always amazed when a post comes up on Neatorama that has an even slightly positive tone toward Christian; all the haters come out blasting the site for its pro-Christian bias. How is an article about an atheist having a near-death experience Christian propaganda?

Get over yourselves.
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Because, yeah, it's more logical that he died and went to hell than hallucinating because he was in a world of pain and bodily stress. It's not even uncommon to have wondrous and equally horrible imagery in your mind during such circumstances. Then there's the obvious chance that he's a liar too, he may very well have concocted the entire thing to be able to spread his message further and to sell books.

I have to somewhat agree with the guys saying that this is pure propaganda though. First it was in the google ads some site popping up that was riddled with Evangelist (fundamentalist) Christian propaganda and now this.
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I think people on here are being unnecessarily harsh to all religion, and i am not a christian or any form of religious believer.

Religion is not about hate (and i am speaking form the christian perspective here). It primarily is about love and understanding - it is people who warp its true meaning who turn it into hate simply to fulfil their agendas.

To imply that all christians are taught hate and in turn teach hate is in my view exceptionally ignorant; many many christians care deeply no matter what status, colour or religion people are and in turn teach this to others: to turn the other cheek etc.

As i say, i am not a christian myself and i have many issues with aspects of the religion, but i do not believe that it is appropriate to stereo-type all of those who do believe.
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wtf? This post is subtly offensive and condescending to non-christians. It's not appreciated. It's the equivalent of linking to a page that proves god doesn't exist.

But Onyxium: It's sad to see that you label people as ignorant when you disagree with them.
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It's simply not true to claim that 'the true message' of any specific religion is love OR hate. All religious books and teachings have such wooly, open-to-interpretation bullshit in them that they can be taken to mean anything the believers want to.

There's certainly plenty in the christian bible, and the Torah, and the Qu'ran that promotes violence.
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Its really sad that all you athiests seem to base what you belive on the way other religious people act. I guess I wont go to work today because I dont like the way my coworkers do their own work.

Makes perfect sense guys. How about you start thinking for yourself, and stop trying so hard to be a nonconforming conformist.
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To What and others:

I doubt that Alex was trying to take the Neat out of Neatorama. is such a bad name for a website ... if he was going to change the name, he'd probably pick something much catchier ... like

To everyone else:

If you take away the fact that the proclaimed atheist became a minister, how is this not a neat story? Aren't we all interested in what happens in the afterlife? Being eaten by invisible zombies sure doesn't sound like fun, but the story is pretty interesting.

Personally I think it was his subconscious mind expressing his guilt for leading a BAD life, which has nothing to do with his atheism. Plenty of atheists are good, just as plenty of Christians are bad. Neatorama isn't trying to convert atheist internet users, it's just an interesting story (just as some of the links in these comments are).
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"Ill man has dream" wouldn't be much of a headline, but that seems to me all this story really is.

And for m-hawk:

"somehow all the atheists seem to be anti Christianity, not anti-Muslim/anti-Buddhist etc."

I'd like to say that I am an atheist, and I'm as anti-muslim as I am anti-christian. Buddhism a slightly different matter, since it's more of a philosophy than a religion, but I don't believe any of the metaphysical claptrap attached to that group either.

I think you'll find that most western atheists tend to lay into Christianity more than any other religion because it's the one that they hear the most about, and come into contact with the most often.
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What a bunch of rubbish!

As a poster before said: the guy was in pain, hallucinated, remembered his religious upbringing from childhood and, whoooosh, there you have the 'religious' experience.

On the other hand, if I was to become a minister and wanted to appear interesting (and you have since there are a lot of ministers vying for your attention) then I'd also create such a nice horror story with Jebus as the savior in the end. People like that. Especially those religious people that generally seem very scared about everything.

I hope this post was an exception. Otherwise I want to have ghost stories from all religions. Not just one.
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It's not that atheists or agnostics are any harder on the type of magical thinking that Christians indulge in, as opposed to Buddhist or Hindi or pagan magical thinking. It's more that Christians are extremely heavy-handed about their preaching and scare-tactic proselytizing, and unlike those other religions, they simply cannot handle the notion that someone doesn't indulge in EXACTLY the same magical thinking they do. Christians have even been prone in the past to torture and kill those who believe in something else.

And this is just another heavy-handed fundamentalist preach-piece. If I wanted to make a cool million, I'd dramatize a conversion testimony to validate Christian magical thinking and write a book too. Just as Christians tend to call folks who lose their faith "weak" and say "s/he wasn't a True Christian (tm) to begin with" when someone grows out of superstition, I have to say I'm extremely skeptical that this guy was EVER an atheist to begin with. The story is just too formulaic.
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Sorry about the comments, y'all. I didn't realize there were so many backed up. I haven't deleted any on this subject so far, but please try to stay away from personal attacks.
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What is happening to Neatorama? Some guy's brain goes into shock because it is dying, throws him some funky hallucination and it's suddenly proof there's a god? Pilots go through the same sort of experience under extreme g force. Near death experience is not proof that any religion is true, it has been debunked as nothing more then the frantic flailing of the dying brain.

Stick to what you do best Neatorama and leave the religious preaching out.
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I cant recall ever hearing about Christains flying planes into buildings and setting up car bombs throughout heavily populated marketplaces. Oh yes, Christians are definitely the worst of the bunch. :\ The thing that makes Christians so different is that they actually care about saving other people, becuase they dont want anyone going to hell. Thats the only reason it seems they push it so hard--excuse them for wanting to save the masses. There are lots of famous athiests who questioned their lack of faith from their deathbeds; not sure why it is so unbelievable for it to happen to this guy.
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Oh, just wanted to add...death is an all-or-none proposition, and it's a one-way street. You're either dead, or you're alive. Near-death is still "quite alive". If your heart stops beating, but it is restarted, you were not dead, just suffering from perilously impaired-functionality. The actual measure of death is the complete and irreversible cessation of brain functionality. It seems that all that happened in this preacher's case is that the logical parts of his brain were damaged by his near-death delirium.

And will someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but by my understanding of Christian teachings (I was one, once), people are not judged and sent to their eternal rewards until the 2nd Coming of Christ, when the living and dead alike stand before the Lamb and have their names read from the Book of Life (or not, and they're sent to the Bad Place). Before that event, there is no judgement, the dead are just dead. Funny how a preacher-man would be ignorant of the very Scripture he preaches on, unless it was all just a testimonial ruse.
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Most atheists I've met are as equally anti-God as Christians are Pro-Jesus. It is within the religious doctrine of Christians to "go and bear fruit" meaning tell people about Jesus and encourage them to believe, so by introducing it to you they are only following their faith. Very few have been perfect in life, actually none in fact aside from Jesus, so why are atheists so hard on them? There is one common denominator amongst Christians, atheists, agnostics, Buddhists, etc.: we are all human. Some people are better than others at upholding their values-no matter what those values may be. If everyone would focus on their own short comings and make corrections there first, all of this animosity and ugliness wouldn't be necessary. There are idiots in the world, and bigots and liars and gossips and murderers and blah and so on and so forth, and some times it is the loud mouths that misrepresent any group, Christians included. The sad fact of our world is that most people don't help the poor or use manners and extend common courtesies or volunteer or tell the truth or respect themselves and each other, but just because "Jesus Freaks" fall into those categories too doesn't mean that there cannot or is not a God. All I can say is mind your own and evaluate what you believe in based on the doctrines of the faith--not how other people defile it with their actions. God bless.
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Why don't the people of non-Christian nations have near-death experiences like this one? You'd think that after a few generations of "revelations" like this one other religions would cease to exist. You would think a Buddhist or Muslim that had converted to Evangelical Christianity due to an experience like the one cited would be invaluable propaganda over who's deity was bestest.
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Isn't this a neat question for god from the Ethical Atheist site?

"Why don't you show yourself? You supposedly made us and want us to believe in you, right? Why the big mystery? You're also omnipresent, right? Why don't you show yourself to all of us at once and have a personal discussion with us? You can pick the date and time, we'll all stop what we are doing, I'm sure."
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It's kind of saddening to see Neatorama readers attacking this article as being "Christian propaganda."

I don't see how a news story about this guy is any more than that. The article itself seems written from an outside point of view. It's not the reverend who's written this. I think the reason this was posted was because it had those frightening details.

Posts on Neatorama are varied enough where everyone finds something they can enjoy, but just because someone puts up a post that doesn't happen to match with the beliefs of others doesn't mean you should go and deride them and everything else to do with it.

Make your own decisions about life, but realize that other people don't have to experience the world according to some set standard.
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TubbyCat, who are you talking to, the atheists? No, they cannot. See, it's like this:

If they open up their mind to even a possibility of a god, then they have to accept the fact that they cannot live their life as they choose, but instead have to live by rules that find them favor with said god. And one thing an atheist cannot stand is living by rules. I have yet to meet an atheist that was not very liberal in their behavior and attitudes. Even sometimes to their own detriment or health...

Most atheists I have talked to personally have latent guilt about something in their past, had a past history of religion, and turn their back on that religion to deal with said guilt. It is also why most so vehemently lash out when confronted by that religion; it reminds them of the guilt feelings they carry, and ultimately, the dire spiritual consequences of their decision.

No one is born an atheist. We are born with an inherent knowledge of our creator. People choose to turn their backs on god thinking they are "enlightened".
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Re: Atomic "No one is born an atheist. We are born with an inherent knowledge of our creator."

Think about this statement, seriously... You are taught religion. People are taught different religions. If your statement is true, why are there different religions?

Re: Christians are non-violent

Yes, the teachings say turn the other cheek, but in reality through history, many wars have been started in god's name.
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MrBinky, It is the inherent knowledge of a creator that precipitates people to seek him and understand him. Religion is the result of this quest. There are different religions because there are different cultures on this planet and those cultures have shaped the different religions.

If not for this inherent knowledge, there would be no religions. It is a basic need encoded into our DNA by the creator, just like seeking food and shelter. Think of it this way; if there is not a god, how did a need for a god evolve into the human pysche?
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I haven't noticed a lot of fundamentalist Christian posts on here. There are certainly posta about archaeology that is Biblical, but nothing too wild. I have learned about the Flying Spaghetti Monster and some of the opposition to Intelligent Design from this site, so I'd have to say representation is pretty fair.

I think general consensus is that most near-death experiences are hallucinations. That's a unique and neat hallucination to have, though, if he actually exerienced it. Possibly, he has embellished the story over time.

This reminds me of the South Park where Cartman goes into the future a la Buck Rogers, and finds the Atheists at war over what to call themselves: The United Atheist League, etc...

Maybe fundamentalist atheists are just as crazy as fundamentalist others.
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By the way, there is plenty of generalizing and stereotyping going on here, from both sides. People are generalizing about Christians and atheists, and none of it is productive.

What's important regardless of what you believe is tolerance. I am a tolerant atheist. I don't believe in god, and this belief isn't because of how religious people behave. I don't mind when people are religious. I do mind when they become hateful, violent or ignorant, which may or may not be linked to/caused by their religion. And I do mind when they shove their beliefs in other peoples faces. I am not going to tell anyone to stop believing in god. I will tell them to stop saying things like "god hates fags."
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Re: Atomic
"Think of it this way; if there is not a god, how did a need for a god evolve into the human pysche?"

If you ask me, which you did, I would say god evolved because man didn't have the scientific knowledge or knowhow to explain certain phenomenon. Also, the thought of dying and life being over is pretty depressing, so the idea of having a place to go after death is comforting.

If I believed in a god, my god would be clear in defining religion, and wouldn't let people create so many and then kill each other in her name.

I'm not here to debate if god exists though. I spoke up because I don't like people being insulted or talked down to based on their beliefs.
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I see this "quest for knowledge" as one to find security, meaning, and a way to escape fears and sadness such as are associated with being at the mercy of nature, the deaths of loved-ones, and realizations regarding one's own mortality. There's no reason to assume this is somehow "inherent knowledge of a creator". Belief in things greater than ourselves are expedient; is expedience really a satisfactory reason to believe in something (apologies to Ovid for borrowing his crass sentiment)? To put this another way, humans don't seem prone to believing in deities that aren't somehow expedient. They either worship to appease, or they worship to obtain favors. Humanism and atheism are the only belief structures that believe in an explanation simply because it seems to be rational, even if no good can be obtained or bad can be avoided by holding those beliefs. Every other belief structure caters to human insecurity and egotism.
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He obviously wasn't a true atheist, if he started praying for the "demons" to leave him. It's amazing how what a person believes (even if those beliefs are buried) can colour their experiences.

It just smacks of the old "I was lost but Jesus saved" me mumbo-jumbo. It would have been a far more interesting story if he had come back and pursued some other religion with less of a history of "miraculous" conversions.
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"Think of it this way; if there is not a god, how did a need for a god evolve into the human pysche?"

God and religion evolved through man's quest to answer the unanswerable questions around him. (at least unanswerable to the intellect of prehistoric man). Why is the sky blue? Why are leaves green? What's the purpose of my existance? Why does shit stink? If you lack the intellect to actually scientifically explain those things (aside from "the meaning") then the trip to think that there's some sort of creator behind it all isn't a long trip at all.

We aren't born with an inherent knowledge of god or creator, we are taught that from our environment. Just as you can teach someone God exist you can teach someone that the world was created over the course of two days by a creature known as the Hoxim who's also responsible for the creation of the Rocky Road ice-cream flavour.

We are however born with instincts and while some of thosworld around us none of those instincts carry the knowledge of some sort of creator.

Heck, some religions don't even have the idea of a creator but of a creation (i.e. not a divine nor extraterrestrial creature behind it all).
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That doesnt mean he wasnt a true athiest. The whole point of this is that he was put into a situation that scared the crap out of him so bad that he knew God was his only way out, and that he was completely helpless to save himself.
"There are no athiests in foxholes." I think we just need to reinstate the draft...
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I'm glad that he found religion, although it is a little sad that he didn't find it until he thought that he was dying. Of course, on the other hand, if he was really an atheist he wasn't very strong willed. I've seen too many people claim to be atheist and then pray to some divine power when the going gets tough. It reminds me of convicted felons in prison who "find jesus" after they've committed some really horrible acts.

There's nothing wrong with being an atheist or having religion, just have some freaking conviction.
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I am soooo disappointed to see this kind of post on neatorama. The last time I was this disheartened by a neatorama post was the hanging elephant. Why give this post anymore credence? Why not just end it right now and watch the prison inmates recreate Thriller?
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i have a fun agnostic-meets-christian story to share. this unkempt-looking christian lady was handing out 'ban gay marriage because jesus says to' fliers in front of a public school. i asked her "jesus is all-loving, right?" "of course" she says. "dosn't all mean everyone, then?" i retort. "no, it dosn't." she replies. enough said.
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*rolls eyes* So you're offended by one post out of how many?

Pretty lame to say that Alex is taking the "Neat" out of Neatorama for that one post.

The afterlife (and its existance/non-existance) is an interesting topic in my opinion, regardless.

Christians- Learn to be more tolerant of people who dont believe in your God. Ever think that maybe all gods are really just manifestations of *your* one God and that the bible is NOT the direct word of God but just a bunch of stories written by some dudes who wanted to teach a lesson to others? No, I doubt it, you dont seem to see much beyond what your leaders tell you to see. If you have I'm impressed.

Either way, if anyone's looking for a non-religious investigation of the afterlife I highly recommend "Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife" by Mary's lighthearted and fun but at the same time covers a lot of interesting aspects about afterlife possibilities and the soul's existance/non-existance.
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Good post? I personally don't think it's anything wrong w/ posting this.

But you would have to expect it ruffling some feathers due to the bad state the world is in b/c of religion right now. A lot of people are pissed at religion, and for good reasons - please, Neatorama, just don't start posting things like "Darwin's bedside confession" and "Proof of the Ark!"
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How will it be, when and/or if, at the end of your life, you are confronted with an experience which changes what you spent your whole life depending on as a reason to justify your own existence? Will you experience a moment of extraordinary remorse at your own lies, or will it be a grand moment of peace and harmony with the other aspects of life which will soon pass your way by?

This question has as equally a valid answer from either Christian or Atheist camps, and in fact I find the answers given about this particular "What If?" to be pretty good reason to grant every world religion, as well as science, a great deal more respect.

"Where’s the love for the Muslims, Buddhists, Hinduists, Scientologists, Pagans and Atheists?"

The only true love for these things can be given if the same love is given for all.
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" Why wasn’t it some other god instead of the Christian god. How did he know which god?

Maybe because there is only one God (there’s a difference between God and a god.)

I’m always amazed when a post comes up on Neatorama that has an even slightly positive tone toward Christian; all the haters come out blasting the site for its pro-Christian bias. How is an article about an atheist having a near-death experience Christian propaganda?

Get over yourselves. "

Monotheists feel they have the monopoly on god(s).

Consider the impasse of a one god universe. He cannot go anywhere for he is already everywhere. He cannot do anything for the act of doing presupposes opposition. His universe is irrevocably thermodynamic, having no friction. So he has to create friction...
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Michael (73) -

There is no difference between God and a god; they are both supernatural deities that exist and are perceived by individuals to have powers. Your beliefs in God are just as strong as the beliefs in the Hindu or Roman gods (yes, there are still communities in Greece that believe in Zeus and his minions). Everyone has a right to believe in what they choose, and no particular religion is ultimately correct.

The study of NDEs (near death experiences) is fairly common, with much research across different religions, sexualities, and social environments. It turns out, that individuals from other parts of the world have imagery from their own deities - in the same manner that Christians have imagery of Jesus. Mohammad, God, Allah, Great Spirit, etc. are all the same in NDE experiences depending on your social environment and religious upbringing. This leads to the scientific research that finds a strong correlation between the cause of a near-death situation and the crucial experience prior to the experience to incite such near death imagery (e.g. heart attack after a car crash).

There is nothing different about the post that varies from the NDE accounts of children, gays and lesbians, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, or Native Americans. That leaves the perception to most others that the implied 'neat' fact is the 'conversion' of an atheist to Christianity. And yes...there is an indirect bias. There are plenty of articles that are better suited and more interesting than the story presented.

For more research on the topic, instead of proposing facts from blind assumptions, I highly recommend


but it does support Christian bias to bring out the "conversion" of someone as a "neat" post. There are plenty of neat NDE
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"Where’s the love for the Muslims, Buddhists, Hinduists, Scientologists, Pagans and Atheists?"

Oh, we Christians love them, too, (we don't want anyone to end up in hell) but why give press to false religions?
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How do you know yours is not just as false as theirs? Your "God" could be just as incorrect as everyone else's.

Or maybe, just maybe, God is too big for one religion. You're very closed minded.
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Interesting how many of you seem to be qualified medical experts, leaving comments about "hallucinations" and "bad dreams" and such.

You're merely parroting what you hear from other people you agree with, rather than having any ACTUAL medical training or experience to back up your claims.

I am friends with two people who have had Near-Death Experiences, and they will tell you that they were certainly NOT hallucinations or dreams. They don't even like talking about them because of the severely negative reaction many people give them, such as the ones you all have given regarding Mr. Storm

You guys are no different than any average bully...unspeakably arrogant and so certain that you have the right answer and anyone who DARES to think otherwise is simply an idiot.

I agree that religion has caused many, MANY of the worlds problems. But is it really religion, or men who claim to be religious and become drunk with power and a desire to force their religious views on others?

You are all missing the point. Religious people have been the source of more GOOD works in this world than bad works. You just don't hear about it in the press because good news never sells.

Please take a broader look at this issue and stop being so closed minded.
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Hm.... I went away for a week and was quite surprised with the interest this topic generated.

The good (albeit a little touchy) discussion aside, I'd like to point out that Neatorama's coverage of all things religion is quite varied. Like ted, a long time reader btw, noted, we've covered FSM, intelligent design, the boy Buddha, etc. In many of those posts, we've been accused of being especially anti-Christian. And now, we're accused of exactly the opposite. Hm.
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if you read the whole article this is what it says in the end:
Jesus weeps for New Bedford," he said. "He can heal addictions, broken relationships and poverty. I broke every one of the Ten Commandments. Jesus can fix what's wrong with us."

ha! ha! ha! isnt the XI commanandment "thou shalt not kill"

What i want to know is who did he kill?
and how did he get away with it?

peace&love - JC
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This is a perfect example of making more of something than it really is. Bad dreams and delusions are very common and easily explained and understood by anyone who has even a very basic knowledge of how the human mind works.
Also his experience has no validity as far as what the rest of us should believe. All we have to go by are our own experiences.
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"Bad dreams and delusions" You cannot hallucinate when you are dead Einstein. When you flatline your brain ceases to function.

You people make it sound like this is the only man who has seen visions of hell.
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"Near Death Experience of an Atheist"

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