The Diet Fork.

Eat with the Diet Fork and lose weight! Only $8.95.

* Shorter and dulled teeth inhibiting user from grasping larger pieces of food at any one time
* Smaller triangular shaped surface area allowing dieter to hold less food than many other forks
* Uncomfortable grip compelling user to put fork down between bites, slowing the user's eating speed

Hmm, I think this fork may be more likely to lead you to eat with your hands instead of eating less. Link -via Mookie

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You can't do that if your cultural taboos prevent it. Eating with your left hand in some cultures is considered nasty. Then again, maybe those aren't the people who are so desperate to lose weight...
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Agreed, this seems like an interesting idea that sadly just won't help many folks much - and besides, if awkward cutlery is really going to help someone lose weight, couldn't they just pick up a plastic spork from a fast food restaurant and eat with -that- instead? Perhaps it might not be any more successful but at least you wouldn't be out $8.95 that way ...
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Seems odd the website doesn't offer a picture of the product. Maybe they took those small dull forks used for toddlers and krazy glued thumb tacks to the handle.
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