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AAARRRGHH!! Stupid link! I really wanted to learn about Alien Hand Syndrome, too.

Here's a weird one: Romberg's disease can lead to spontaneous shrinkage of half (just half) of your head, including muscle and bone. Hemiatrophy. Just one more thing you didn't imagine you'd have to worry about.
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Neatorama is my very favorite site to visit. I love it. That being said, please, please punctuate correctly! I'm not perfect, but I know that the possessive in this case should not have the apostrophe. "Its", not "it's".
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A sequel, after all this time? If Keaton is in it, absolutely. I may be the only person who really enjoyed his take on Batman, but that's neither here nor there... Keaton as Beetlejuice is flawless. Random: If you want to see him very annoyingly rehash the role, sort of, check him out as Constable Dogberry in 1993's Much Ado About Nothing. What a weird mash of actors that contained... Kenneth Branagh, lovely... Emma Thompson, excellent... whoa, a post-pubescent Kate Besingale? Ew, KEANU REEVES? Not to mention the always overrated Denzel Washington. There are tons of underused black actors out there who aren't made of cardboard.
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Also, I am drunk. I had a post-paper cocktail or two, and I am imperfect. I meant that grammar and punctuation are on my mind, and I offered a minimal punctuation correction.

For weeks now, the office of my college newspaper had a display which boasted the words "Adherring to the Finest Publication Standards". I didn't want to be the officious jerk, so I left it, but yesterday I broke down and told them. Ad Herring?

PS: quotation marks outside period and comma, or inside? I never get it right.
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I just had to submit a paper, so grammar is on my mind. May I offer a correction? Instead of "You don’t know where your going" it ought to read, "You don't know where you're going".
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Yes, it'd be nice if THEY got things right the first time. Thank you, Talula, for your remarks! I understand having a fear of scorpions (or spiders, flying insects etc.) but it helps no one if myths are perpetuated. Not all scorpions are dangerous. Not all spiders can hurt you. Most miniature wildlife just does not give a shit about us. Let's leave it alone.
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Ahem. sorry, got excited.

I've worked for optometrists and opthalmologists (eye surgeons), who will tell you that anything constricting the blood vessels to the eye (such as Visine) is a bad idea. Need relief? Rinse your eyes with a plain saline solution. If you use something which "whitens" the eyes, you have drugs in the drops; it constricts capillaries. Those drops are great if you want to appear not-stoned, but otherwise, constriction of blood vessels lessens the body's defense mechanism against infection. Et cetera... anyhow. Don't use Visine.

PS: Want lasik? Don't sleep in your contact lenses! Well shit, don't do it in any case. but... The cornea has no blood supply of its own, thus no oxygen supply. I saw the corneas of a guy who wanted lasik but he had routinely slept in his contacts for awhile. Blood vessels had grown into his corneas. That sounds inoffensive unless you realize how truly gross and WRONG it is... it's as alien as having your hair roots grow into your brain seeking nutrition. Take those contacts out at night! It's easy to go blind!
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I had to stop watching, it was so perfectly cute and made me so deeply ashamed of my monolinguality. (Though I bet my Canadian/Parisian friend Felicity's kids, who correct her on her French, are even cuter. But I digress.) DAMN this adorable child! She'll rule the world soon! ...I shall obey...
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We lived in Busan, Korea a couple years ago and marveled at the impossibility of buying a fan without a timer. Summer nights get sticky hot and impossible to survive without a fan blowing. It's a bitch to wake up every twenty minutes, ALL NIGHT LONG, to reset the timer. Stupid urban legends. My husband finally rigged up an ugly mass of packing tape which disabled the timer on our fan (a crude kitchen-timer affair). And BTW, in Korea, you can buy expensive refrigerators to house your kimchi all on its precious lonesome, but it's almost impossible to buy a clothes dryer. I love my kimchi, but I love drying my face with a towel unlike starched canvas even more. I also prefer not to sleep on a heated stone bed, but that's just nitpicking.

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In certain Muslim countries men can have up to four wives. Those marriages have as much bearing on my heterosexual, one-man-one-woman marriage as do the marriages of gays. Viscerally I understand the argument for heterosexual-only unions, but none of the arguments hold up. Lots of het couples choose not to have kids, for instance, so why is the question of procreation a factor? Yadda yadda... So anyway... good for you, George and hubby. I am truly happy for you. Good for all y'all out there. And for the cynical, yes, added potential divorce revenues benefit the economy. It's a win-win!
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