20 of the Strangest Medical Syndromes Ever

Foreign accent syndrome, exploding head syndrome, werewolf syndrome, alien hand syndrome ... walking corpse syndrome? Have you heard of any of these baffling (but completely real) medical conditions?

Werewolf Syndrome: Hypertrichosis, or werewolf syndrome, is a medical condition that causes the excessive growth of body hair -- typically on the upper body, including the face. There are only 50 or so documented cases, and sufferers generally acquire it through genetic inheritance.

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Yeah I have some sinethesia too.. I taste colours, but only sometimes.. some stuff tastes blue or brownish-yellow etc. Apparently John Mayer and Jimi Hendrix both have it and it makes them see emotions in colour.. just look at the lyrics for Bold As Love!
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I am suffering from Narcolepsy, which is an organic disorder. There is no cure only symptoms can be cured.

To make it short: I cannot stay awake without taking medicine. That's indeed strange, hm? ;)

It is a very rare disorder. Estimates say, that 0,04% of a population are prone to Narcolepsy.

The sad thing: it takes around 10 years until you are diagnosed because hardly any physician knows about the implications of this disease.

The good thing: there is medicine around, at least since a couple of years. ;)
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Those interested might check out thehumanmarvels.com -- it might come off initially as a being a "freak sideshow" but it ends up underscoring the humanity and individuality of people who happened to be born different.
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