Find the Ladies (the Israeli Cabinet Version)

Take a close look at the two photos above. Notice anything different?

Well, the original photo (top) is of Israel's new cabinet. Problem is, it contains two female ministers. Since publishing pictures of women are considered a no-no for many ultra-orthodox Jews as a violation of female modesty, the Yated Neeman newspaper decided to do a little photoshoppin': Link

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ok the comment about kosher phones was jsut stupid my sister has one the only difference between it and a regular phone is that it has no internet no text and no way of adding tunes to it so it basically is just a phones

i live in Israel and i have never heard of that newspaper the charedi (the ultra Orthodox) have alot of their own newspapers i just find it interesting to point out that neeman means honest or truthful kinda weird and whats yeted probably just some bad transliteration (btw i am orthodox jew)
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My my, people who comment here really don't know much.

inkedkoi: so… if they knew the women would be cut-out in the end, then why have them pose for the photo in the first place??

Because the real picture was shown in all of the big, mainstream newspapers. The only newspapers that showed the photoshopped version were the ones written by and for the ultra-orthodox, who don't want to see pictures of women. It's really just a fringe of the really religious ones who are this far-out, and in any case it's their right to do so, just like it's your right to watch pornography if you want.

VonSkippy: It's such a tiny part of the Jews who are like that, and the Jews themselves only amount to what, 0.2% of the world population? So what large percentage are you talking about?

Jill:Wow…the ultra-orthodox crowd must be kind of stupid if by just omitting the females from the picture will fool them into thinking that there are no women in the cabinet.

Well no, they're just not showing the pics because they don't want to have to see pictures of women who are not their wives. They're not pretending there aren't any women in the parliament, their names and all were mentioned. Just not the pics. It's not that hard ya'll...

And FYI, the ladies weren't replaced with random guys, the two men were on or near the edges of the original (wider) picture.

And some other comments are really beyond stupid...
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I think the word for these men is pharisee. What makes it so pathetic is that instead of censoring the women (which is within itself crass to say the least) they went out of their way to replace them.
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