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Absolutely one of the best films ever. Thanks, Eddie! I didn't know any of this trivia before; I wish I could see some of the discarded footage.

I can't hear any version of "Puttin' on the Ritz" without thinking of this film.
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When I saw the still image I thought, "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert?" but when it moved I thought more along the lines of Snooki.

The theremin soundtrack didn't help pull me out of the heebie-jeebies.
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Actually, releasing birds at weddings often results in lost, starved, dead birds. Please read this article:
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I think we are being pranked by the Japanese. "Americans are so obsessed with 'crazy Japan' they'll do anything if we hire a cute Tokyo girl to do it!" Good one, Japan.
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In South Korea I saw a novel flavor on a big, bright poster in the ice cream shop window: raspberry swirl with chunks of swiss cheese. Now I wish I'd tried it. Grilled cheese? Hmmm...
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Speaking of the Razzies: will someone please create a film mashup of Showgirls and Battlefield Earth? Picture Liz Berkley with nasal tubes and dreads, squealing about "rat brains" and flailing seizure-like in that pool sex scene. Someone, please, do this.
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Lovely! I have always loved watching insects and other small creatures up close. You can even tell when an insect or spider is relaxed, fearful, on the hunt, etc. Many people think of them as little robots, but I contend that they feel and think as well as we do, if differently.
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