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Holy CRAP.

I made myself watch the whole video, largely because I have found that exposure is the only cure for my phobias. My reactions in order:

1) OHGODOHGODOHGOD (squealing, squeezing eyes shut, retching, running around the room)

2) I can deal with this. Sort of.

3) Wow, ouch. How does she... fit so many inside? That's amazing. Live birth, eh? I've read that earwigs are attentive parents, like birds. Arthropods are fascinating.

4) Once the babies start walking on their own they're kind of cute. Nice to see that once we kill off ourselves and the rest of the vertebrates, something will take over.
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I had the same thought mrclam remarked upon; in South Korea, I saw similar things done to pizza. Can't say I am a fan, mainly as it's messing with my trypophobia (fear of holes; I had to look it up).

For my fellow trypophobics, I suggest that the worst sight ever is the egg-laden surinam toad. Go find a video, and never sleep again.
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Pondegi in Korea. Pondegi are boiled silkworm grubs, a traditional snack, which are sold on street corners from steaming pots. The server sells the grubs in a Dixie cup, with a toothpick for spearing. If anyone reading wants to try it, canned pondegi is available from Asian markets.

I thought they tasted like warm dirt, but then again, I was drunk.
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My heterosexual cousin and his wife have a son who, at age four, insisted on being a princess for Halloween. It's quite common really. They let him, and he was gorgeous; however, he was incensed when mistaken for a girl. Go figure.

The kid is four! Let him dress up however he wants.
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Paddywhack, I too remember blocks of government cheese -- or, as we call it in my house, "cheeselike substance". Why are you snarking off on Miss Cellania about the US free market? Most of us here will freely admit (or scream) that things are going to hell in the US, and have been for some time. Anyway we were talking about processed "cheese". As with religion, there is no sense in arguing with those who prefer it to real cheese. From my standpoint, it is something I have eaten on occasion, but it is not cheese. NOT. Cheese. It is a plastic-like substance created in laboratories, and I try to avoid it.
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As a gay-loving feminist, I can't but support the many complaints lobbed at Jerry over the years. I grew up being creeped out by his humor, sappy acting, and those damn telethons. That said, he's a brilliant and complex individual; his very early stuff with Dean Martin was hilarious, and I personally think Buddy Love is one of the most chilling characters invented. He was flawless as the overbearing comedy-legend dad in Funny Bones, a role which seemed awfully self-aware. (Great movie, Lee Evans is amazing.)
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I am pleased to see others with some sanity making comments here. A healthy bat in flight is clearly no threat (i.e., not rabid, or it would be sluggish) and in this case, terrified. I have been in closed rooms with bats, which can potentially land "in your hair" -- the favored hysteria -- only if one freaks out and jumps into its flight path. Stand still and they'll fly right over you. Please, I beg people, be nice to bats. They are gentle, sociable, beneficial creatures and reproduce very slowly, so every one is precious.
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