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What ever happened to Steve on the TV show Blue Clues, who supposedly went off to college and handed off his dog Blue to his younger brother Joe? Steve Burns, who played the original host of the show, did not commit suicide or die of a heroin overdose as rumor had it. He just left to pursue a musical career, and because he did not want to go bald on a children's show. In this video, Burns talks about how Blues Clues affected his life. This might make you feel really old, but it's so interesting you'll want to find a way to listen to all seventeen minutes. No profanity, but he mentions boobs. -via reddit

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So weird hearing that voice talking about adult stuff. My kids are teens now, but every now and then I'll run across some Blue's Clues toy that ended up in the bottom of a closet or drawer. My oldest daughter will sing out "Your welcome!" when thanked for a favor just like Mailbox and we sometimes sing the the Birthday song "Have a happy birthday, you-oo! (instead of Blue) and we'll have a great day, too-oo! Everybody play 'cause it's _________'s special day, Happy Birthday!", followed by chanting "present time, present time, open the present and see what's inside!" And we make "Snowball" cookies from one of the story books, I'm not sure of the title, I think it's Blue's Big Holiday or something like that. Guess watching the same episode 5 days a week really makes an impression!
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Blue's Clues was definitely a staple of my kids lives back then...books, videos, the clothes.

I have really fond memories of it during my kids preschool years.

Thanks, Steve!!

Persephone: I TOTALLY sing that planet song too! "Oh, the suns a hot star...Mercury's hot too..."

Good times
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