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Owls regurgitate pellets containing the bones and fur of their prey; the pellets are far less repulsive to sift through than would "owl shit", as the writer erroneously claims.
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Omigawd a NUTRIA! "Those things got teeth as big as a beaver's"? Did she have a wooden leg, is that why she was afraid of what sort of resembled a a beaver? I have nutria in my backyard pond; they're invasive, but otherwise nothing to freak out about.

Oh whatever. All this talk of Wal-Mart is making me go seek out a Mr. Ghetto video, if they haven't all been pulled from the interwebs. (She buyin panty hose!)
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This is related to the awkward subject of racist memorabilia, which is so collectible that new manufacture of "mammy" cookie jars and the like is booming business. Ew.

My grandfather had some swizzle sticks he thought were hilarious; they depicted naked African women at varying ages (the breasts sagged more with every decade. Oh, what fun). Rather than destroying them, I donated them to the Jim Crow Museum, along with a truly horrible "negro head" ashtray. It's important to remain aware of these cultural remnants, rather than bury them.
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I've lived in Korea and have seen the obsession with cosmetic surgery: double eyelids, "high" nose bridges, shaved-down jaws and cheekbones, even surgery to make calves less muscular. I've heard the claim that it's not from a desire to look more Western, but I just don't buy it. Were Asians obsessed with wide eyes before extensive contact with Westerners? "Some Koreans have the natural double eyelid" they say, and it's true, but many do not. When I am shown historical references to the prized double eyelid, I'll believe it is a traditional beauty standard. Until then I see it as a desire to look less Asian, consciously or not. It's a damn shame.
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For many years this was the only roller coaster I could ride. I can still only handle very tame ones, like the Giant Dipper in Santa Cruz. I thought of BTMR as safe in the extreme, until that death on the ride in 2003 -- and then stories came out about failed attempts to warn supervisors about degrading conditions, etc. Forget it, I'm sticking to the merry-go-round...
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