Close-Up Footage of a Mosquito Sucking Blood

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For the first twenty seconds, she bores her way in. Then she starts to tank up, and her body swells with blood. This is an everyday event, but it's so fascinating at this close-up view.

via First Things

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We've just come back from Portugul, and a nearly perfect holiday was RUINED by mosquito bites, especially near the river in Tavira. Like Red Bunny, I wonder what purpose these critters serve as they seem to have been sent to earth to aggrevate humans
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Thanks ragazzambulante. I didn't know that. But couldn't we just keep bees around to do that work for us instead? And if the females only suck blood to develop eggs to make more mosquitos, then that's bad news for us from every conceivable angle. Perhaps the world needs more mosquito egg omlettes? Maybe mosquitos carry the cure for cancer or something like that and we just haven't figured it out yet. There's got to be something. Other than the obvious moral reasons (not purposely bringing a species to extinction), I still see no need to keep them around. All joking aside, we should not really eradicate them, obviously. But why do we feel this way? Mosquito experts unite. We need a reason. This is very strange to me. It seems like the mosquito is the only animal on earth that people seem to not shed at tear at the thought of it's demise. I can't think of another. Very strange indeed.
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@Red Bunny: both male and female mosquitos are nectar-eaters, and polinate plants. It just so happens that the female sucks blood to get nutrients necessary to develop eggs. So while my knee-jerk reaction is to agree with you, we sorta need mosquitos. Darn.
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Does anyone know of any useful purpose that mosquitos might serve? I'm being serious. If you know of one, let me know. Otherwise, my vote is to completely eradicate them all. Mosquito genocide. I certainly wouldn't lose any sleep over it. Those blood sucking little bastards are the most annoying creatures on the planet. I'm taking a canoe/camping trip this weekend in the Congaree swamp and am mentally preparing myself to do battle with them. And I will lose. There are just... too... many... of them. The last time I was there, I felt like firing a flamethrower in a circular motion to keep them away from me. I'll have to get a blood transfusion by the time I get home. Death to all mosquitos!
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