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Gene Wilder, no contest. And don't get me started on the CGI-reproduced Oompa Loompas. Ugh.

Apparently Fred Astaire was considered for the role at one point. He would have been an interesting choice, but it would have been an entirely different movie: sweet rather than twisted, which is what Wilder gave it. I read somewhere that Wilder accepted the role on the condition that he could do that fake fall at his introduction, after limping up to the gate on his cane.
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I have read many of these biographies before, in some depth. It's too bad that the article suggests that brain damage has been an artistic blessing to all these people; while awe-inspiring, these stories are often very tragic and far more complex than is implied here.
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Why do I think this is a viral attempt by chain restaurants to be cool? Like those lame pizza chain ads with their pasta, fooling the few polite/drunken/stupid Italians they could capture on camera who declared the food "deliciosa" or whatever. I suspect trickery. Bah.

Chain food is designed to taste good, and yet it often fails. I'd love to imagine this quaint little quiche is a gourmet delight. Countless breakfast-desperate, chain-indiscriminate mornings tell me otherwise.
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Crash _171, I am sorry! I didn't mean to offend. My remark was only partially cynical; notice I thought it was awesome that Singapore is stressing racial harmony. There's lots of misery in the world and I was not making light of it.

In mentioning maid abuse I wasn't slandering the mostly wonderful Chinese Singaporeans or any other group. However, I have lived in Singapore, and maid abuse is so serious a problem that my aside does not do it justice. Deaths do indeed occur, often as a result of maid being forced to clean the outside of windows in the ubiquitous high-rise apartments. Sometimes they are murdered. Not that this only happens in Singapore, of course, but it is rather ingrained there for a certain social stratum.
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Interesting that they're showing a Singaporean interracial couple; the Chinese, Malay and Indians there don't generally mix easily. Good for them.

Now for realism, show a Chinese family pushing a Filipina maid out a high-rise window.
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