Becoming a Giant: 6' 6", 480 lb. Woman is Still Growing

Ten years ago, Tanya Angus was 5'11" tall and living in Michigan when she began to get migraine headaches and noticed her shoes did not fit.  Not only did her condition worsen, but she started to grow and her voice got deeper.  After several doctors thought she was making up her symptoms, her mother took Tanya to her childhood pediatrician who finally diagnosed her illness.

Tanya suffers from a rare condition called acromegaly, where excessive amounts of growth hormone are released.  Andre the Giant was a famous sufferer, as was Richard Keil who portrayed the famous villain "Jaws" in the James Bond movies. 

In Tanya's case, a tumor wrapped itself around her pituitary gland, causing her condition.  Unfortunately, despite several surgeries and medication, it has failed to stop the release of growth hormone.  Today Tanya is a staggering 6'6" (2.0 m) and 480 pounds (218 kg), and still growing.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Geekazoid.

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What is wrong with you guys? I've read and reread the article and don't see it written anywhere that she weighed 115 lbs. Even if it did say that and I missed it you don't have to cuss and be so hostile.
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I don't see anywhere on that set of photos where the height/weight are linked to the first pic. Sloppy writing? Perhaps. No need to cry "Bullshit!" about her story however.
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