Fat Cats Need Love Too

How you know your kitty needs to go on a diet.

http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1902110Via GiggleSugar

Update 2/28/09: Let's not forget our article on this very subject: Top 15 Amazingly Fat Cats

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Crash diets aren't safe for humans so they definitely aren't safe for pets. It's not better to leave them that way; the best way is gradually increase exercise while gradually decreasing food intake. Continuing on with old habits of overfeeding because it's "less difficult than watching them die" is a false statement because by physically debilitating them "with love" in the form of food, you are still watching them die.

I have no sympathy for this owner.
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A primary function of whiskers is to indicate to a cat whether its body can fit through an opening. Cats don't grow obese in nature. Lack of exercise indoors and overfeeding cause obesity. Shame on the cat's caretaker.
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I thought that was pretty hilarious.
We have a fat cat ourselves and before anyone even thinks about judging us... he blew up after he was fixed. We feed him special cat food, do NOT overfeed him, but he's still fat, but healthy. His mother did the exact same thing once she was finally fixed and that is a very active cat. So it's not always b/c the owners are horrible or whatever other nonsense you want to say.
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"Fat Cats Need Love Too"

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