Man Loses Car He Just Parked

Michael Otero parked his new red truck in front of a convenience store in Laguna Beach, California and went inside for only a few minutes. When he returned, the truck was gone! Since he had left the keys in the ignition and the doors unlocked, Otero assumed it had been stolen. Police watched the surveillance video and found out what really happened. You can, too.

Link - via bannedinhollywood

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tt:- If he left the wheel turned it'll roll in a curve, of course. And what's more, the castoring of the wheels won't work going backwards - in fact they'll swing more towards the side they're already facing.
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i don't get it.. if the truck is just kinda rolling away, shouldn't it roll straight? it went straight then fully turned.. so it's stolen??
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I had a friend who owned a manual trans car and would leave it it first and be fine except once it did not go so well. He parked, got out and the car was on just a slight enough incline that it rolled away across the street....into the lot of a car dealership. Then his car, sans driver, hit another car on the lot. The police got a good chuckle out of trying to fill out an accident report involving two cars and no drivers.
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I should have read the article first. Like Lara said, he left the parking brake on, and claims he left the trans in 1st, but that would have killed the engine when he let his foot off the clutch. Sounds like his e-brake is improperly adjusted, or if it has rear drum brakes, then they are pretty worn and the self-adjusters haven't kept up with the wear.
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