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Why would a pharmaceutical company pay for this research? They are in the business of developing new drugs for the market and eventually turning a profit.

They aren't in the business of giving away money for nothing...if they were, they wouldn't exist.
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It was a tasty fish. He caught it and put it in the cooler to eat later. I'm not sure what has everyone in an uproar. Swallowing a hook and having your guts ripped out isn't a lot worse that being beaten with a stick.

Actually it is...but I doubt the reaction would have been the same if he had used a fishing pole.
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"beneath the pretty exterior, all humans are disgusting."

Somewhat base, a bit dirty, driven by desires and somewhat reigned in by intellect and wisdom...and yes, a little bit disgusting.

But your average human is also greater than the sum of these parts...and no one is completely any of these components.

Having said that, this princess is quite "enchanting".
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We used to call that 'weather'. Now if it gets cold, it's man made. If it's made. I don't suppose solar activity could have anything to do with it...nah, must be progress.

"I’ll trust the scientists thanks."

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"but how does this raise environmental awareness? wont the kiddies want to throw MORE stuff away to fill up Oscar?"

Let's solve one problem at a time. It's a nice start if you can get people to stop leaving their trash at the park.
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Apologists for Communist China...what a shock. Chances are you wouldn't even be reading Neatorama after the censors got their hands on it.

Ask the 30,000 farmers who's lives are ruined because the government redirected all their water into Beijing for the Olympics. Do a little research on slave labour in China before you start touting the 'good it's done'.
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It's a Luther burger. It's more a joke than anything that people would eat everyday. Some people act like seeing the picture of these things has raised their cholesterol. Relax.

And Polx and runtogether...don't fall off that horse, it's a long way down. You can find lots of things in's a big country. I'm still a bit confused though on this reflects anything about "US" Americans, though.

I'm not going to claim that France loves animal cruelty just because the ortolan is a delicacy. And just because you can get a deep fried Mars Bar in Scotland doesn't mean that the whole country has "palettes like kindergarteners" (sic).

Grow up...being a Puritan doesn't win you any friends. Well, maybe a bunch of uptight snobby friends, but who wants that?
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"Are you really that dumb/lazy, or do you have obese children and are too ashamed to admit that you screwed up? "

The school shouldn't be bothering with this nonsense. It's unrelated to instruction and best left to parents. If bad parenting is a problem, I'd say the government intervention is a poor response.
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"Great Depression"?

Unemployment is still incredibly low...there hasn't been negative growth in two consecutive quarters yet.

Let's worry about an actual Recession before we start worrying about the new Dustbowl...
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They diverted water away from drought-stricken areas to make sure Olympic attendees had enough and basically destroyed the livelihood of thousands of farmers. This speed-bump is pretty minor in the scheme of things.
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