Fish Coughs Up Gold Watch

Curt Carish of Kaua‘i, Hawaii was at Port Allen beach when he spotted a fish swimming awkwardly. He grabbed a bamboo pole and beat the fish until it went limp. Carish put the fish in his cooler. When a friend opened the cooler and looked at the fish, it had a gold watch hanging out of its mouth!
“And the funniest thing is that the watch was on time and still ticking,” Carish said.

Carish, who often hangs out at the private Port Allen Club with many other members, said in all of his 30 years on Kaua‘i he has never encountered anything this bizarre.

Link -via Fark

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It a great fish. To watch the fish in a water it is very enjoyable. People form India that is south indian who belongs to coastal area they like more fish in their daily food. They have habitaual to eat fish.
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this fish is good at time keeping i suppose..

however.. if they claim the watch was inside the fish it would have been more beleiveable..from the story it appears as if the watch was inside the fish then somehow when the fish was in the cooler it vomitted the watch!!

publicity stunt nothing more
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