Letter from School: Your Kid is Fat

Just in case parents didn't notice before, schools in the UK will send them an official letter saying that their kids are ... fat!

Parents are to receive official letters telling them if their child has a weight problem under a Government crackdown on obesity, it has been announced. [...]

From September this year it is expected that all parents who allow their child to be weighed and measured as part of the Government's drive to solve the childhood obesity crisis will automatically receive the results through the post.

The measurements will be used to calculate the child's Body Mass Index adjusted for their age but parents will not be told this figure.

Instead the pro-forma letter will plot where the child is on a scale from underweight, to healthy weight, overweight and very overweight.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2498072/Warnings-for-parents-of-fat-children.html - via A View From the Other Side

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a lot of being overweight these days (in addition to lack of activity) has to do with all the preservatives and additives in the foods themselves. people who aren't as well off have to buy cheaper food, both in price and quality, and are generally "more" obese than those with higher incomes. what i'm trying to say is, it's not as easy for some people to get healthy food. children who are overweight most likely have overweight parents, so it's not just "your child needs to excercise" it's "your entire family needs to change their eating habits." which is an entirely different problem in itself.. something the government can try to solve until their eyes bleed with no results. good luck, UK.
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I do agree that telling parents that their kids are overweight will not help.

Sweet Violet, I see what you are saying but personally I haven't found that to be the case. I know grownups who stil eat the healthy vegan diets that their parents raised them too. Yes there are bad influences out there but overall we can make a difference by train our kids right. I'm a firm believer in that. I also homeschool but my kids spend days away with their friends sometimes. What I don't like is how kids are taught that they need to snack,snack,snack,snack,snack all the time. That's a little hard for my kids because we don't eat in between meals. Our stomachs need a rest, not to be constantly working. We also don't watch TV so they are commercial free most of the time. I rent and check out programs from the library for them to watch.
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"Are you really that dumb/lazy, or do you have obese children and are too ashamed to admit that you screwed up? "

The school shouldn't be bothering with this nonsense. It's unrelated to instruction and best left to parents. If bad parenting is a problem, I'd say the government intervention is a poor response.
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To those who keep saying "pick your battles": Are you really that dumb/lazy, or do you have obese children and are too ashamed to admit that you screwed up? If you're going to be picking your battles, shouldn't setting up good eating habits and ensuring your child's future health be at the very top of the list? If that's not the battle you pick, what is?
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