Crude Oil Dependency by James Laughton

In his photo series Crude Oil Dependency (2007), English Photographer James Laughton likened our oil habit as if it were a drug that both saves our lives and destroy them at the same time:

A very clinical look at our relationship to crude oil. It has become the foundation upon which our entire civilization has been built. The work looks at the necessary evil that lies within the crude oil infrastructure. - Thanks James!

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Notableedingheart: I'm no bleeding heart either.

We don't use gasoline today solely because it's a byproduct that we'd have to dump anyway.
Even if it were, it wouldn't be in significant quantity to the amount required by the number of vehicles on the road. Industry could still use it to run various types of machinery.

I simply focus on the mainstream fuel issue because oil IS better utilized in producing durable products as opposed to just engine exhaust. Why should we continue to use it for fuel when there are alternative ways of running vehicles, and useful things to create with petroleum? $4.00+ per gallon is impacting many areas. I never said the extraction of oil would cease if we stopped using it for fuel. I didn't even imply it. At least some plastics can be recycled. Spent gasoline has no recycle potential. It's a waste of petroleum to ignore alternative fuel options.
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valerie - your liberal propaganda is very often espoused by our crazy liberal president. In fact, if you read his dastardly progressive state of the union speech from 2006, he mentions it a couple of times. Since then Bush has used the term numerous times when speaking of our dependency on foreign oil.

Oh, and did I mention that black is now white, and up is now down?
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There is no psychoactive chemical component in petroleum which causes humanoids to crave ways to utilize and consume it.

The people aren't "addicted" to petroleum. Our society, culture and geography IS structured towards travel, commuting and owning one's own vehicle-however- we don't particularly care whether our cars run on gasoline, hydrogen, Red Bull or chicken soup-- as long as we can get around. By now, it's pretty well established that alternatives to oil exist for running vehicles (DUH!). The reason we continue to burn petroleum is because the energy companies have so much control.

We're not addicted to oil. We need to get to work, school, the grocery store, etc. Don't blame the people's need to travel, on addiction to oil. We'll travel with whatever energy/fuel source is most available.

The oil companies are addicted to profit, greed, power and control. The people should be free to travel and choose modes of travel, and types of fuel. That freedom is in question here.

This is the real issue. Alternative energy technology has been withheld and doled out in tiny drippings, whilst oil continues to gush in exchange for profits at the pump.

I'm not "addicted" to paying $4.00+ per gallon. Nobody is. Give us choices!
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Are you kidding? Everyone knows that oil is used to make all kinds of products other than gas for cars! In fact, oil and what inventors have done with it have helped us live very improved lives.

I think it's silly to liken consumption of a product that afford us such benefits, even something as simple as getting around every day, to an addiction. That's just plain progressive/liberal propaganda trying to get people to hate oil companies.

I would say that no one ever talks about how lesser off we'd be if we hadn't learned to drill for oil successfully. No one ever mentions that we should be grateful for it.
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