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Beautiful work, but his hipster/club kid/simpleton schtick is even worse than "pseudo-intellectualism".

I'd call him a craftsman, since "art" ostensibly has some sort of message, either intended or not. But he's a very capable craftsman. I'm sure the website impressions of him are done for his obviously high-end clientele. Those people love being sold a line to justify their opulent investments.
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This is a pretty dodgy list - some gems, some junk. C'mon, Serenity was passable space opera, but nothing more. I liked Donnie Darko, but it's not even really sci-fi, is it? At the very least, one of my all time faves is there, Children of Men. And Wall*E is the most overrated film of the decade. I love sci-fi, robots, and Pixar movies, but that thing was a giant, preachy bore.
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Pixar shares much of the same "workplace mystique" as Google: Gourmet food, playrooms, interesting architecture or funky offices, personal services and such. While they sound nice on paper, one of the main goals is to help employees pick up the slack that their jobs demand of their personal lives.

I've visited Pixar a few times and the folks there are definitely the cream of the crop in their respective fields, but I have seen other places that require similar amounts of dedication to their jobs, only without all the perqs. The sad fact is, genius is what's expected of these people, and the company does what it can to allow that to continue. But it's not a situation that everyone thrives in, regardless of the glowing press it gets.
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Actually LisaL has it exactly right.

While every child is different and there's no one correct answer for every situation, there are some basic guidelines one can follow to allow the child some independence and the chance to become comfortable on their own. The trouble seems to lay more with what parents want of their parent/child relationships than what's best for baby.
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This is poetically beautiful! Just wonderful, flaming wreckage and all.

I made one of these as a kid. We used dry-cleaning bags and candles, pre-heating the air in the bag with a tray of bbq coals.
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I call shenanigans. This is nothing more than a concept video, not an example of the working software. As a Photoshop user, I find it very hard to believe that a program could properly select and key out a background behind a subject, much less do it cleanly. There are also several made-up words tossed in there to either indicate an actual new process they've invented, or throw noobs off the trail.
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I was disappointed to see that #1 was TAL. It's good, but often hit or miss, and Ira Glass's smugness is annoying. Though they *have* done some really stellar episodes.

Anyway, my #1, must-hear weekely podcast would be The Bugle. John Oliver (from The Daily Show) and Andy Zaltzman rip apart the news headlines to towering comic effect. Like an extended (and even funnier) Daily Show on steroids.
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There's a large, hanging Chihuly sculpture in the Bellevue, WA mall a few miles from our home. A lot of glass artists seem cheesey to me, but I've always felt something more from his work.

Look around for the show PBS did a few years ago about him. When you see the thought and design and sheer amount of labor that goes into his pieces, it becomes clear that he's no Thomas Kinkade who merely signs the work his minions create for him, but a truly gifted and thoughtful artist.
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This is actually a fabulous idea for a geeky scifi post, but nowhere near conclusive. Where's Westworld? Or THX1138? Or Starlost (That whole thing was corridors!) I mean, they included Saturn 3, so all bets are off, right? A great idea overall, but only a C+ for execution.
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I like to remember Michael in his formative, exploited and sexually abused childhood years rather than his later, reclusive wingnut pedophile years.

Wherever you ended up, RIP, Michael.
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Just get the Bugzooka. We have 2 and swear by them. It uses a spring loaded bellows to instantly suck the insect into a capture tube through little trap doors. Works like a charm and never needs batteries. Even has an optional nearly opaque capture chamber so you don't have to look at the beast (and our giant house spiders are beastly).

Disclaimer: I have no financial stake in the Bugzooka. Just thrilled it exists and works so well.
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Agree with #11. There's nothing gross or unsightly about this pic at all. Yeah' it's a curiosity, for sure, but that dude is fit as hell and looks like he could kick just about any 30 year old's ass. Let's lay off the old folk bashing, huh? I hope I'm half that fit and able at his age.
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