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YouTube user NunzioRaso was having trouble getting his toddler daughter to sleep for more than two hours - a common dilemma in any such household.  He decided to help her out by getting into the crib with her.  His intention was a success, but it wasn't the most comfortable night of his life.

I hope everyone finds some sweetness like this in their world this weekend.  I, for one, will be giving my daughter a little extra love and attention!


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"Wow. That post from D.D was scary.

Worse. Parent. Ever."

It's funny you should say that, given I'd put my two adult children up with any in the world. I read Joseph Chilton Pearce's book "The Magical Child" before either of my kids were here. They not only read before age 5 (age 4 actually) but spoke 3 languages. Neither of them are fat, foolish, or have mental or health problems. They don't agree with you Machine. They thank God they didn't have "normal" parents. (they both also have genius I.Q.s)

Oh, they also don't have normal American sophomoric attitudes about women's breasts, or sex in general.

It's easy to criticize others who strive to be better than mediocre, especially when you are from a society which worships mediocrity. I understand that, so I forgive you for your comment.
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The video and the comments here are both pretty sad. Babies and children (yes, even up until adolescence) are wired for close physical contact, which facilitates mental and emotional health. Forcing them to adjust to life without it is not "teaching independence" it's teaching disconnection. Sorry you got the abusive comments, D.D. They're culturally conditioned to find normal mammalian behavior disgusting and to consider physical contact and the mammary glands inherently sexual in nature. What can you expect.
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