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Dad of the Week

YouTube user NunzioRaso was having trouble getting his toddler daughter to sleep for more than two hours - a common dilemma in any such household.  He decided to help her out by getting into the crib with her.  His intention was a success, but it wasn't the most comfortable night of his life.

I hope everyone finds some sweetness like this in their world this weekend.  I, for one, will be giving my daughter a little extra love and attention!


And now the daughter has her parents wrapped tightly around her fingers. She knows how to get what she wants.
She'll be crying every night for someone to come and sleep with her over and over and over and over.......
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I think the obvious choice would be to take baby to bed with you... It's a very cute video, and I think we've all been there (a finally sleeping baby, and trying to sneak away) but goodness, why make it more complicated than it has to be?
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I agree with Ivory, that's what everyone else does. They would both get a good night sleep. But no, to get dad of the week you have to halfway fail.
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My two kids always slept in the bed with us. We all slept in one bed until they got to be around 11 years old. They both nursed until they were 5 so if they woke up, they would just nurse a while, then go back to sleep.
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I was going to comment, then I read the "interesting" post by D.D.
I think I'll just go back to the main page and know that there are many worse things that guy could have done. like breast feed his kid. ya i said it. him breast feeding his kid is ALMOST as weird as D.D. breast feeding a 5 year old.
I thank my lucky stars for how I was raised now. Independence is awesome.
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I once spend a whole night awake with my 2-day-old lying on my chest, the only place where he would sleep. I couldn't sleep myself, because i wouldnt want him to fall off, or stop breathing or something. My wife slept safe and sound, though. :-D
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I know some people think it's weird, but it didn't hurt my kids. They nursed in tandem for 1 1/2 years. They were both reading before they quit nursing. Towards the end, it was something they did more for comfort than nutrition. Sleeping in the "Family bed" was great. I can't imagine putting my babies in a crib, away from me, or worse, in another room.
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The advice in the UK is strongly against sleeping with babies, being crushed by a parent on a sofa is a common cause of death. However, when we looked into it the stats were heavily slanted towards parents who drink and/or smoke. Since we do neither (well, not enough to get tipsy) we had 'em in bed with us when they were very tiny.
That lasted a few weeks, which was ideal all round, but soon they were kicked out into a cot on the floor beside the bed. That was ghastly - we both kept listening to them breathe and that awful long gap when they stop for a bit. When they were in bed with us it didn't bother us but beside they bed it was nervewracking - so we threw them out into another bedroom and everyone slept much better.
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Actually LisaL has it exactly right.

While every child is different and there's no one correct answer for every situation, there are some basic guidelines one can follow to allow the child some independence and the chance to become comfortable on their own. The trouble seems to lay more with what parents want of their parent/child relationships than what's best for baby.
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Woogie... why thank you, I try my best :D

As far as breastfeeding until 5... too weird. If the child can walk, and talk, it's time to put the nipples away. Just opinion of course. Do what ya like.
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Umm that is jacked up DD. Reading before age 5? Who the hell cares? Doesn't mean your kid is smarter than any other 5 yr old. That's disturbing and even more, the kids are still in your bed!! The dad in this crib is brutal. I'm shocked the crib held him and cannot believe his wife let him do this. Ohh well, not my situation but he's gonna have a tough time teaching her otherwise...
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D.D., don't even try to make your breast feeding habits sound normal. Just don't. Learn what information you should and shouldn't share with others and for heaven's sake, put those boobies away. Kids sleeping in bed with you until you're 11? What was the deciding factor in that decision? Junior have one of his special dreams a little too close to mommy... or daddy?
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The video and the comments here are both pretty sad. Babies and children (yes, even up until adolescence) are wired for close physical contact, which facilitates mental and emotional health. Forcing them to adjust to life without it is not "teaching independence" it's teaching disconnection. Sorry you got the abusive comments, D.D. They're culturally conditioned to find normal mammalian behavior disgusting and to consider physical contact and the mammary glands inherently sexual in nature. What can you expect.
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"Wow. That post from D.D was scary.

Worse. Parent. Ever."

It's funny you should say that, given I'd put my two adult children up with any in the world. I read Joseph Chilton Pearce's book "The Magical Child" before either of my kids were here. They not only read before age 5 (age 4 actually) but spoke 3 languages. Neither of them are fat, foolish, or have mental or health problems. They don't agree with you Machine. They thank God they didn't have "normal" parents. (they both also have genius I.Q.s)

Oh, they also don't have normal American sophomoric attitudes about women's breasts, or sex in general.

It's easy to criticize others who strive to be better than mediocre, especially when you are from a society which worships mediocrity. I understand that, so I forgive you for your comment.
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