Sci-fi Corridors

Corridors in science fiction movies may seem like a strange subject for an article, but that’s just because you’ve never thought about them. Martin Anderson notices them, rates them, and brings them to you for consideration. You’ll be surprised at how many there are, and the many features they have in common. Link -via b3ta

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He says "more on Star Wars corridors in a moment", but then never mentions it again.

Also he mentions the remake of Solaris, but makes no mention of the awesome colorful hallways complete with broken components hanging out, in the original.

Also no mention of Star Trek hallways is also puzzling.
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I've always been bothered by the huge amounts of wasted space (smirk) in sci fi films. You realize of course that you have to heat and fill those huge corridors with AIR? Twenty foot ceilings...holodecks the size of warehouses...and don't get me started on the idiots who SMOKE in space...!
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I've been obsessed with the Nostromo's corridors (well, and its airlock, too!) since the movie opened at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, where they had bits of the set, including the access corridor to "Mother" that we walked through.
Of course, Giger's "Space Jockey" was also on display.
So glad I got to see it before those religious zealots set it on fire (thinking that it was the work of the devil)!
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