Prices Slashed in NASA's Space Shuttle Sale

NASA is shutting down the space shuttle program and so is trying to sell off its remaining merchandise at increasingly low prices. It's already slashed the price for a (pre-owned) shuttle from $42 million to $28.8 million:

When the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in December 2008 put out the call seeking buyers at museums, schools and elsewhere, the agency received about 20 inquiries. An agency spokesman, Mike Curie, said he expected more interest, especially with the discount.

“We’re confident that we’ll get other takers,” Mr. Curie said Friday.

The Discovery is already promised to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. The Atlantis and the Endeavour are up for grabs. It is possible that the Enterprise, a shuttle prototype that never made it to space, will also be available. The Enterprise is currently at the Smithsonian.

Link via Instapundit | Photo: NASA

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The shuttles were bought and paid for and operated with American taxpayer dollars. They belong to the people. NASA can't "sell" them because NASA doesn't own them. Further, anyone who knows anything about goverment procurement law understands that first rights of transfer belong to other Government agencies. I doubt the National Parks Service, or anyone other than the National Museum of the United States Air force, would have sufficient display capabilities that begin to meet the minimums set forth by NASA. I am convinced that Boeing, Mac-Douglas, or any other civilian operative would not qualify to even think about getting one of these taxpayer-owned beauties. Maybe Canada should put in a bid- it was the CANADAIN Maneuvering arm that did most of the actual work...
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Gauldar :-D A legend at the Tech university of Eindhoven Netherlands tells that some 25 years ago some students did about the same with the old car of a professor- The man didn't blink or spend one word on it and just reversed the joke in one night- all by himself and with clean hands, without sleepdeprivation on his face and well shaven the next morning...

jwsandersjr - No - And it also doesn't even have a cupholder or a sigarette-lighter or electrical windows...
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I don't know about $28.2m, seems a little high with that many miles on it. Let's see, 5247 orbits at about 38,850 miles per ... 203,845,950 miles. On the plus side, I guess it has been well maintained. Does it have leather interior?
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Reminds me of a prank this friend of my sister's played on a friend of his that was out of the country for a couple weeks. He and his other friend disassembled his old VW Beatle and reassembled it in his friends apartment. When his friend got back, they were sitting in it watching the TV that was resting on it's hood. They would have helped me disassembled/reassemble it again had his friend not kicked them out. But, that is what he gets for planting a watercress garden in the guys carpet though.
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