10 Years, 10 Best Science Fiction Films

We've had quite a few sci-fi movies grace our screens these past ten years, and Avatar will cap off a decade of the genre's efforts this Friday.  But which ones were good enough to make it on Sci-Fi Squad's top ten list?  Their staff narrowed the winners down to eleven, actually, with two very similar independent films occupying the same entry.

Jacob Hall writes about one of his picks: Minority Report.
The film is an engrossing look at a startlingly realistic future where psychics are used to predict murders and "Pre-Crime" units arrest would-be killers in advance. It is also a rousing, muscular action film in the vein of Raiders of the Lost Ark and the only film in recent memory to have a jet-pack chase. A jet-pack chase. It raises fascinating questions about choice and destiny and how even the best intentions can be abused and corrupted. It features oddness not seen from Spielberg since the '80s, including a cackling Peter Stormare and Cruise pursuing his own rogue eyeball down a hallway.

They did leave some very good titles off their alphabetical list.  I'd have gone ahead and put Avatar on there for how it looks alone.

Link.  (Photo: Dreamworks Entertainment)

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I had to scan through the article. It just seemed like so much BS. Minority Report as "startlingly realistic"?

Star Trek shows a future "full of promise"? They killed off an entire planet for the sake of new scripts, and annihilated the future of the original Star Trek franchise.

And fawning like that over Wall-E? I liked the movie, but it wasn't the Second Coming.
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This is a pretty dodgy list - some gems, some junk. C'mon, Serenity was passable space opera, but nothing more. I liked Donnie Darko, but it's not even really sci-fi, is it? At the very least, one of my all time faves is there, Children of Men. And Wall*E is the most overrated film of the decade. I love sci-fi, robots, and Pixar movies, but that thing was a giant, preachy bore.
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I would have left Timecrimes off that list. Decent idea, horrible movie. About 1/3rd the way though I had to put it to 3x speed and speed-read the subtitles just to be able to finish the movie.

Stiff, horribly acted and really fooking irrational.
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