15 Podcasts That Will Make You Smarter

So many podcasts out there, but so little time. Here are fifteen in particular that are worth your time and will make you a better informed citizen of the world. Links include TED Talks, the Naked Scientists, a couple frm NPR and the BBC, and the greatest thing on radio, This American Life:

The show’s incredible value was recently on display when it tackled the housing crisis and economic collapse with two episodes entitled “The Giant Pool of Money” and “The Giant Pool of Money Part 2?. TAL excels at taking the esoteric and making them understandable – relatable even – to the average Joe.


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I was disappointed to see that #1 was TAL. It's good, but often hit or miss, and Ira Glass's smugness is annoying. Though they *have* done some really stellar episodes.

Anyway, my #1, must-hear weekely podcast would be The Bugle. John Oliver (from The Daily Show) and Andy Zaltzman rip apart the news headlines to towering comic effect. Like an extended (and even funnier) Daily Show on steroids.

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Been listening to "Dan Carlin's Hard Core History" podcast for some time and let me say I have never been so riveted by History in any audio form until I started listening to his stuff. Love the other stuff on the list as well.

Might I also add in a few podcasts that I think folks would love to listen to as well:

- TVO's Big Ideas
- Stuff You Should Know (from How Stuff Works.com)
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Of course, I rank This American Life at the top as well. Ira Glass has such a great voice.

I'd also like to throw in my vote for 365daysofastronomy.org. Ran by folks associated with the American Astronomical Society, it celebrates the International Year of Astronomy by letting groups submit podcasts to be aired once per day for the whole year. BTW, mine is titled "I know why the sky is dark at night. Do you?" which was produced in the spirit of Car Talk and will air Sat., Oct. 10.

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I listen to one shy of half of those. :P

Other super podcasts that are nerdier than several of the ones listed:
NPR's Planet Money, Slate's Political Gabfest, WNYC's Radio Lab (easily my favorite), BBC's Thinking Allowed, BBC's In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg.
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