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It is pretty weird to think that most americans have no idea what curling is. I live in Edmonton Alberta, and I have 4 curling houses within a 20 minute walk of my house! As for how people get into curling, it's a cultural thing up here. Most all of us take it during school. In alot of towns, it serves as a sort of multigenerational link as well, being one of the few things that you can compete with your grandparents in!
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+1 to the above comment of drunken shuffleboard. Up here in our country, every single small town has a hockey rink, and most of the have a curling house as for when you aren't drunk, curling for when you are!
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Holy cow! I'm on Neatorama! I wish it were for creating cold fusion, or maybe for riding a pogo stick around the world or something, but it's definitely still neat!
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Neatorama's editorial clarity made it a bit of a rarity in the blogosphere. If I only had a a couple of minutes, Neatorama was one of the blogs I checked first.

Sadly, with all of the drivel leaking out of the queue bot, I've definitely noticed It's no longer on that shortlist. There is just so much crap to sift through.

I also think that one of the hallmarks of a good blog is a high level of user interaction. remember the good ol' days of neatorama? with all the witty bits in the comments section? I haven't seen anywhere near the level of user involvement since the queuebot started up.

I agree with the other users who think the queue should either be scrapped or split into it's own site.
Although, in that eventuality, who would visit the queue site?
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do your research before commenting folks. salmon sharks are actually quite plentiful. If it were a great white or a mako, different story. this is no different than eating that salmon fillet you just had for dinner. I mean, we're all hypocrites, but just try to limit how much of a hypocrite you are.
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that's an impostor! it's actually a sheep. and it's fairly common place to have multiple horned sheep. my grandma has two such specimens on her farm. There are even a few breeds of sheep, like the jacob and the manx laoghtan, that are bred to have 4 or 6 horns.
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