Video Effect of Helicopter in Flight.

This is a real video of a helicopter in flight. I'm sure most readers will immediately pick up on how it stays aloft, but it initially caught me off guard. Click play, or go to the Link [metacafe] to see the video.

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Anyone who watches this and does not figure out that it is an illusion resulting from a synch between the camera's sampling/frame rate and the RPM of the heli's main rotor within the first3 1/2 seconds is a complete and utter moron. Vectored Thrust? Are you f*ck!ing kidding me? I don't know if any heli's actually do utilize vectored thrust, but if a heli had an engine which utilized vectored thrust strong enough to keep it airborne, it would no longer be a heli, it'd be a freaking plane! A slowing descending heli? Horse Patties!!! You can not compare a no-where-close-to-aerodynamic helicopter to a built-as-aerodynamic-as-possible-to-create-lift airplane. The helicopter gets all of it's lift from the main rotor and stabilizes itself with the rear/tail rotor. If that rotor stopped spinning while the heli was still airborne, it would drop like a rock. An airplane uses forward thrust to create lift with its wings. The stabilizers, trims, and rudder all also use the plane's forward for operation. If the engines go out, the planes momentum will continue to produce forward thrust for the plane to create lift. It will slowly die off, the less aerodynamic the plane, the more air friction will slow the the plane, the quicker the thrust dies off, and the quicker the plane will loss control. The less thrust, the less lift the wings can produce, and the less the trims, stabs, and rudder respond. Make a paper airplane and throw it, see what happens? Now ball up a piece of paper and throw it. See the difference? Shadow of the blade? No way, you are a whole new kind of stupid. Do you believe the the blade of this machine move faster than the speed of light, or do you actually believe someone has invented a strong metal that reflects light so we can see it, but at the same time allows light to pass through it, thus not casting a shadow. Anything in the path of sunlight reflects of most of the rays of that light (it absorbs some, and other things like water and glass which we consider transparent let quite a bit of light though themselves, but not steel), thus removing the light from it would be path, hence the shadow. Toy on a string? Damn good looking toy, and loud. Whoever it was that pointed out that this SOUNDS like a real heli, and that you can actually HEAR the blade spinning thank you. I'm not much of a Christian, but leave Jesus out. I doubt he has much interest in modern war weaponry and machinery. It's not even funny. I hardly ever post on these, but I have not seen so much stupidity gathered in one place before, couldn't passed the chance to rant and rave at random stupidity of a bunch idiots I don't know and don't know. I can sleep happy tonight whether you feel insulted or not. I'm not trying to insult everyone one this page, only the ones making the moronic points I just discussed. People like them will ensure I always have a good job. Good Night. Oh... and the bit about "Stupid Russian, can't even afford rotating blades", that's f&ck!ng hilarious!! -Jason
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No, not Japanese - I am former Navy; we used to fly in the Sea of Ohkotsk and between Vladivostok & Sakhalin Island, which was within range of shore-based Hinds. Lots of Hinds, Badgers, Su-15s, and the occasional MiG 23 would come out to play with us. Do a search on Seasnake and Gordon and it will take you to a page where I have ~60 photos posted of our encounters with Soviet warplanes. Fun times, fun times...
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I spend alot of time flying these on Desert Combat, Its actually the reason I started playing that old game again =]

My snot-nosed guess is that its a Czech Hind, judging by the paintjob and nose gun layout, which would make it a "Mil Mi-24V Hind-E" (Mi-35 for export.. want one?)
Couldnt find it's rotorspeed though...
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