Extreme Fishing: Hunting for Sharks on a Kayak

If you think fishing is a boring sport for old men, here's something that'll change your mind: hunting for shark using simple rods and reels on a kayak:

The extreme sportsmen shunned the traditional idea of a peaceful day's fishing when they rowed into the freezing shark-infested waters off Alaska.

The daring team of four were surrounded by 200 to 300 salmon sharks which were up to nine feet long and weighed between 400 and 1,000 lbs.


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dont get me wrong i eat meat and i'm not a tree hugger just pisses me off seeing someone hide in a tree and shoot a deer or whatever that doesnt have a chance...jump your @#$% out of the tree run it down and kill it with your bare hands...that would be impressive...and i still think we should be able to hunt people...way to many inbred..morons out there. Someone should keep us in check.
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artbot yes people are plentiful and mabeye we should hunt them! We are the main reason for extinction of most species yet nothing hunts us! Might change peoples attitudes if that shark jumped out of the water and ate him? Oh yeah thats right we would just declare war on the sharks and wipe them out....silly me.
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What you all have to realize is that just because something isn't PC, or humane, or great, doesn't mean it's not interesting or "neat". Take for example, the hanging elephant. It's not exactly awesome that it went down like that, but that doesn't mean it should never be published or spoken of!! It gets really old listening to the Left Wingers pontificate about all the world's woes as if they were out there fighting the good fight themselves. If you don't like it, don't do it - that doesn't mean someone else shouldn't or can't.
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I fish as a hobby and release 90% of what I catch a few go home for the dinner table. If this guy wants to get his jollies fishing for sharks why not get a bigger boat and release the fish after the catch. Remember, don't catch your limit, limit your catch.
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