Extreme Fishing: Hunting for Sharks on a Kayak

If you think fishing is a boring sport for old men, here's something that'll change your mind: hunting for shark using simple rods and reels on a kayak:

The extreme sportsmen shunned the traditional idea of a peaceful day's fishing when they rowed into the freezing shark-infested waters off Alaska.

The daring team of four were surrounded by 200 to 300 salmon sharks which were up to nine feet long and weighed between 400 and 1,000 lbs.


Shame on neatorama for glorifying shark fishing. There is nothing honorable or manly about killing an already overhunted animal for fun.
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do your research before commenting folks. salmon sharks are actually quite plentiful. If it were a great white or a mako, different story. this is no different than eating that salmon fillet you just had for dinner. I mean, we're all hypocrites, but just try to limit how much of a hypocrite you are.
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Thanks, andrew, I know what a salmon shark is. Just because something is plentiful doesn't mean that it should be hunted for sport and then further glorified as "neat."

(I chose comparable top level predators in the same ecosystem as my examples for a reason.)
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For someone who is a hunter this IS neat. Just because you live in a concrete city and pay for your hamburgers and salmon fillets that someone else has kill and process for you doesn't make it any different. Thanks for the post.
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This may not be neat, but I think it's interesting. For a re-hash of arguments for and against Neatorama's non-neat posts, see Elephant Hanging [may be disturbing to some].

I do respect your view on hunting for sports. No, I don't hunt - my idea of enjoyable shooting another living being is using a camera.

Regardless, hunting is a legal sport enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Be it for sustenance or sport, hunting has been around as long as humans have and plays a central role in the development of humanity.
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I met, and fished with, the guy who caught the world's record largest fish ever caught with a fly rod (a 600+ pound mako) He released the shark after catching it. Nobody said "this is on Neatorama because he killed this shark.", the fact that somne crazy bastards fish for sharks out of a kayak IS neat.
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Even if it is a non-endangered salmon shark it's certainly worth pointing out that many sharks are endangered and in general hunting sharks is a pretty damn irresponsible. I'm pretty unhappy you featured this in a "killing sharks, isn't that cool" style.

[Salmon sharks are actually pretty harmless so it makes the story a little less "neat" anyway.]
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There is nothing wrong with fishing or hunting for animals/fish if you plan on using them for food and there are enough to sustain themselves. Some of you seem to assume that this guy is killing a rare shark and will simply throw it away. The article does not say what will happen to it, so this claim is impossible to make.

I do agree though, that fishing and hunting for trophy mounts is crude.
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Very stupid and pointless. What a waste of a sharks life just so this moron can get his jollies. He should slit his wrists and fish for sharks while swimming in the nude.
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The issue isn't about one or two people killing one or two sharks; it is about an industry being created to bring in tourists to hunt "plentiful" sharks. Once upon a time, everything was plentiful...now there are vast areas of the sea where the dominant predators are jellyfish.

The pro-hunt and the anti-hunt both seem to miss the important: one cannot destroy an ecology, one can only change it. If your idea of a thriving marine ecosystem is one where there are only jellyfish well then, carry on hunting the other large predators.

Remember that the cod fishery off Newfoundland has completely collapsed and people used to drop buckets overboard and bring them up full of fish.
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stop crying and go eat a steak!!!! does it make you feel better if the meat you eat is wrapped in plastic and put on a shelve so you dont knoow where it came from or how it was killed? I LOVE ANIMALS THEY TASTE GREAT!!!
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Shame on these people shark fishing in kayaks, as if it is some kind of sport, there is no justification for molesting sharks, I find this very disturbing and sickeningly absurd and totally irrelevent to the times we live in. We need to appreciate living animals while we can. This is very painful and sad.
Ever hear of the Black Sea?
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I like guitarzan's comment the best. funny reading this thread. Those critical above, you have no idea and likely never will, so your opinion doesn't really matter to me.

And no, it was not a hoax, just the biggest fish I ever caught, the hardest fight, and quite a few tasty dinners.

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good done Allen

Hunting is a primal instinct its like that for thousands of years i trade ivory for a living and am proud of it and i hunt and fish its ower instinct and if you dont feel it its because your a modern consumer market adict that doesnt look farther then the package of the product or menu...or do tuna die in switserland in special die relax hospitals or the pig you eat do they let it go to sleep softly with mozart in the background playing ...wake up or stay in a coma i dont care am back soon to hunt same narwal and walrus and maybe shoot me a ectra large grizly

yuri from brussels
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Hunting for survival and food, ok. Fishing, even a shark...if it's for food or survival, ok. As long as the kind of shark you catch is not an endangered or threatened species.
The way you catch them...doubtful. I can only imagine how much you have to exhaust end hurt these animals before they actually die. Not ok.
I'm not vegetarian, I eat meat and birds. But I try to be aware of how the animals are killed. No foie gras for me out of principle.
Fish, I don't eat but because of allergy reasons.
What I do NOT agree with in any way is killing for fun or sports!
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this time im not peved off i think all you wussys should just shut up and play ur video games i think it is freakin awwesome but i wouldnt go through all that for a shark
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Concrete world or not, unless you're in the jungle in a tribe there is no longer any reason to hunt any animal. We as evolved humans have created something called farms, where we raise animals instead of just taking from the only source for it. Stupid stupid humans! Have you not seen Sharkwater. What a moron. To harm an animal you must have a weak moral base a lack of common sense and absolutely no heart. Do you know what most serial killers do before they start killing people? They kill animals first to build up from! GROW UP and evolve like the rest of us!!!
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Vampirella, you must have a headache all the time thinking about how your chicken or grouse or whatever the heck you're eating died. Just eat the dang bird or beast and live another day. It's them or me. I choose me.
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More wild animals are killed by vehicle drivers, wildlife habitat destroyed to build your concrete castles and marine life killed by the chemical runoff from your pleasures of living in the big city than hunters and fisherman.
Hunters and fisherman pay a fee that supports wildlife and helps keep species from becoming extinct by management.

Go hug a tree and maybe a grizzly will eat your AZZ for food.
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Are all y'all serious? Is this guy really going to single-handedly endanger the entire shark population? How many shark do you think are killed this way? Do you really think it makes a diff in the larger scheme of things? I, for one, am impressed...and I hope that thing was on the BBQ as soon as he got it home! Mmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!
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Wow! Jeepers! That is a big muthering shark. For all you bunnyhuggers out there who think fishing and hunting is inhumane, then tell someone who cares please. I agree with Livtoday2, He has a point. Are you gonna stop commercial truck drivers because they kill deer or something? The only people that you can really complain about are poachers, gillnet fishermen or people that just kill for the sake of killing and leave the carcasses lying around.
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I fish as a hobby and release 90% of what I catch a few go home for the dinner table. If this guy wants to get his jollies fishing for sharks why not get a bigger boat and release the fish after the catch. Remember, don't catch your limit, limit your catch.
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What you all have to realize is that just because something isn't PC, or humane, or great, doesn't mean it's not interesting or "neat". Take for example, the hanging elephant. It's not exactly awesome that it went down like that, but that doesn't mean it should never be published or spoken of!! It gets really old listening to the Left Wingers pontificate about all the world's woes as if they were out there fighting the good fight themselves. If you don't like it, don't do it - that doesn't mean someone else shouldn't or can't.
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artbot yes people are plentiful and mabeye we should hunt them! We are the main reason for extinction of most species yet nothing hunts us! Might change peoples attitudes if that shark jumped out of the water and ate him? Oh yeah thats right we would just declare war on the sharks and wipe them out....silly me.
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dont get me wrong i eat meat and i'm not a tree hugger just pisses me off seeing someone hide in a tree and shoot a deer or whatever that doesnt have a chance...jump your @#$% out of the tree run it down and kill it with your bare hands...that would be impressive...and i still think we should be able to hunt people...way to many inbred..morons out there. Someone should keep us in check.
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