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It's vectored thrust! like on those old harrier jets. It's meant to improve maneuverability, but it's also useful for wowing press and neatorama devotees. check out the thrust ports on the sides of the rotor stack.
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good lord, that's what passes for great up and coming band in the states these days? I hear better than that any given thursday up here in calgary canada!
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what a strange site. I should probably start off by letting folks know I live in uber rural canada, texada island bc, to be exact. I really do think that this whole idea of "humane cities" is born out of a basic disconnect alot of city folks have with nature and the food they eat. I'm all for shutting down puppy mills and banning farmed fur (as distinct from wild fur). I don't see anything particularily inhumane about going out to my yard and getting some eggs from my chickens or heading into the bush to deer with my grandpa.
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