What Exactly Is Curling?

I saw my first curling match a couple of days ago. What a strange sport it is that has people walking on the ice in shoes! If you are as confused as I was, check out the mental_floss guide to the rules and strategy of curling. This article even explains why they yell so much! Link

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Curling is a Scottish invention.

basically it is Crown Green Bowling on ice.

If you come from a very hilly place the ice on a loch (lake if you like) tends to be the only naturally occurring flat area.

I'm a Scot and we learned curling at school in gym class.

I was not a fan as a kid but as with CGB you begin to see the appeal as you get a bit longer in the tooth.

I now live in Australia and would love to go curling, if for the chilly atmosphere if nothing else.
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I saw that Simpsons episode, and it epitomized everything that's wrong with the Simpsons these days. And Stephen Colbert is still topical?

Curling is like intense shuffleboard. I've never played it, but I knew a guy who did. It's not that easy.
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We had to go curling in junior high and high school, it was basically one of the only things to do in my town besides hockey. I liked it, but I was always terrible at it until last year, 5 years out of high school, I went curling with people from work for Curl For Cancer to raise money, the object was to intentionally lose because the winning team buys the losing team beer. I effed up and lead our team to a sad victory. I did not get free beer.
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haha Was I the only one who saw the Simpsons this past weekend?
Marge and Homer make the American curling team. It was actually pretty hilarious.
Or when Stephen Colbert tried out for the curling team.
hahahaha I didn't know what it was before this year but for some reason popular culture was obsessed with it.
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