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I think the organizers of this are going to one day do some amazing heist or crime and all of these loyal volunteers are going to be part of the disguise or interference at some point. Could you imagine how hard it would be to catch someone specific wrapped in tp in that mess? It would be a perfect getaway.
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In a way, I admire the gray ghost not because he is painting over graffiti(I like graffiti), but because he makes graffiti artists feel some of the same feelings that they cause others. In a way it is it's own form of art and free speech.

Business owner says "Hey, you can't do that!" and the graffiti artist laughs. Graffiti artist says "Hey, you can't do that!" and the gray ghost laughs.
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In a way getting a high score separates you from most Americans thus making you a less average American! So to be more American you need to get about 40%!
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I think if you are truly representing multiple people or an organization, blog, etc. there is no harm done. Seems perfectly sane to me. When you are talking only for yourself then it's a bit wacky.

That and third person. I'd like to strangle people that refer to themselves by their own name when not introducing themselves.
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I have to be happy for the kid. He said he spent something like 6 months trying to get it? Plus, he's super polite and kind. Grats, you and your shiny will be legends forever!
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This is the comment where I come along late and look at the post after most people have already commented and post something attempting to be witty but isn't.
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