MP3 Experiment

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The folks at Improv Everywhere used 3,000 participants for their latest mission. Each had an MP3 player that received simultaneous instructions (and music). That had to appear really strange to anyone not in on the plan! It all culminated in a flashmob at Bryant Park. Link -via The Daily What

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I think the organizers of this are going to one day do some amazing heist or crime and all of these loyal volunteers are going to be part of the disguise or interference at some point. Could you imagine how hard it would be to catch someone specific wrapped in tp in that mess? It would be a perfect getaway.
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Call me negative, but I'm with a lot of the other commenters here. What started off as a cool, humorous idea has become old and tired. The smugness just oozes from the video. And in a lot of the shots it seemed that at least 9 out of 10 people visible were in on the joke.

Fewer participants. Newer gags. Please.
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These have gotten tired because some ideas outlive their originality and usefulness. Then it becomes, "oh those people are doing some Internet thing. Just ignore them."

The shock value has worn off.
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Basically, it's just a bunch of people doing stupid pointless stuff and demonstrating how empty their lives and minds are, and the voice is obnoxious as hell. The bit where they started folding the shirts, though, had potential. What if someone used a flash mob to actually ACCOMPLISH something? Or would that be too boring for these mush-heads to participate in?
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