Short Runner Disqualified for Using Stool to Climb over Hurdle

Sapolai Yao represented Papua New Guinea in the steeplechase event at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. Since he's 4'10", the hurdles were a bit much for him. So Yao used a potted plant nearby as a step stool to climb up on top of one hurdle, and then jump down. He was disqualified as a consequence:

Towards the end of the gruelling race, the diminutive runner couldn't quite muster the energy to get over the water jump.

Ao the resourceful Yao did what any other vertically-challenged individual would - using his surroundings to help him out.

Spotting the pots below the hurdle, Yao gave himself a leg up onto the beam, stopped for a quick breather, and then leapt over into the water.

Link via Deadspin | Photo: BBC

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I was expecting some 15 minute times reading the article but it seems his record is a quite respectable 9.28 - respectable for a 4'10" athlete from a nation not known for its track and field prowess. He's a good runner, that's why he beat four others.
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Shame on the judges. They should recognize that his stature placed him at an unfair disadvantage to the other runners. They ought to have placed the other runners' hurdles higher or given Sapolai a head start. I live under a bridge and eat billygoats.
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He needs a nickname now. Like Eric "The Eel" Moussambani.

We should call him "The Jumping Bean."

Also, one from Equatorial Guinea, the other from Papua New Guinea. What's with the Guineans sending grossly unqualified athletes?
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