Now That's Enthusiasm: Teen Found Elusive Pokemon after 25,968 Encounters

After 25,968 encounters (133 hours and 15 minutes) playing 3 consoles at once, Pokemon #1 Uber Fan Abenzio (age 15) has finally found the elusive Shiny Ponyta.

Cool-O-Rama has the video clip: (the second clip, the fun starts at 40 seconds). Before you lay into the guy, may I ask when was the last time you were that enthusiastic, hmm? By the way, this confirms my belief that Pokemon is like digital crack.

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I have to be happy for the kid. He said he spent something like 6 months trying to get it? Plus, he's super polite and kind. Grats, you and your shiny will be legends forever!
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When was the last time I was enthusiastic enough to spend large chunks of my life dedicated solely to one accomplishment? Right now as a matter of fact. I've spent a couple hundred hours over the past few months welding, grinding, panel beating, straightening, filling, sanding, smoothing, sanding some more and otherwise preparing a classic car of mine for paint. I can't help but think that in the future I'll appreciate and enjoy my investment just a bit more than this kid will.
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wonder how many others he found before a ponyta came up. The odds are 1/8192 for a random encounter wild shiny, and at that route there's rapidash, spearow, probably some others I don't remember.

still. Wish I had the patience to actually hunt for shinies in game. I usually just breed them with the Masuada method (two pokes from two different countries have a higher rate of breeding a shiny)
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