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I'm the kind of guy who uses an air compressor to blow my computer clean once in a while. Just a couple of months of dust collecting can cause quite the impressive dirt cloud when cleaning a computer.

Reminds me, I'd better clean my entire computer sometime soon, thanks!
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As long as it is an Airbus, my little brother would essentially be a god as far as cockpit controls go. His hours of flightsim surpasses the lifetime of Chuck Norris...
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The reason why Apple is expensive, is because their logo is an apple which someone took a bite off, the company is called Apple, (our holy leader?) Steve Jobs presents their products, even touches them and holds them up, they have a minimalistic design, and not to forget all the hype around their products. "The Macbook Air, is SO thin, we had to make the DVD player external!"
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Got my bike tipped by some idiot trying to get his ball between my wheels when I was 7 or 8. Got a nasty concussion and a couple of extra weeks on my summer holiday, though those were spent in the couch, listening to "The Little Vampire" on cassette.

I was wearing my helmet, but I can imagine the result if I hadn't. They do after all say that helmets can reduce the internal head damage by 90%...
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Got my hands down with Shogun for the moment, written by James Clavell. The main character Jhon Blacthorne from 1600's England crashes into Japan, and messes up with an already rising conflict. Just about to finish the second book out of four (the book is split up so you don't sit with an 800-pager, at least mine is.)

Also, I could recommend the Earths Children series by. Jean M. Auel, which is FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!! A cro magnon girl, Ayla, is picked up by a tribe of neanderthals, and tells about the conflicts in brain vs instinct and how Aylas brainpower completely outmatches even the tribe's shaman a young age, and what happens when she uses a weapon she's not allowed to even touch.

Then, there are four more books, the second book on hold until I've finished Shogun and Larry Nivens Ringworld series (the Halo games takes part inspiration from this). Distant future, a couple of humans and some aliens crashes on a huge ring-shaped structure with a star in the center, and explores it.

Well, wanna know more, wikipedia's over there.
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Strange...we're almost a year and a month late, and still these pimped-out hello kitties brings doom to humanity? Or are they underlings of C'thulu?
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Seriously, I can't even see what's so cool about the iPhone in the first place. Sure, Apple made it and Steve Jobs held it up when it was revealed, but seriously. When it came, it lacked almost every common function, costed 600 bucks, locked to AT&T, and had zero third party support. Sure, it's cheaper now and Apple did allow third party support, but still.

I kinda feel I'm happy with my SE P1i. The touchscreen it has reacts both to my fingers, nails, stylus and whatnot. And the special keypad makes SMS writing a dream on clouds! Tactile interface FTW!!! Nothing can replace that!
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"Strength is irrelevant. Resistance is futile. We wish to improve ourselves. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service ours."

Anyone else comparing these to the Borg?
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