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I rarely put down the seat and my mother just puts it down and doesn't put it back up and I don't care and neither does she.
I may be 17, but I too would easily be able to fix this up home, but it would be useless as none of us at home cares. And if this boy hasn't noticed these trash-can lids before now, no wonder he forgets the seat...
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Let me see he do that with my mom's iron pan, which is about 3-4mm thick. No way in hell her pan could get rolled up like that piece of tinfoil!
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well, this saw was obviously invented because of retards who can't think of that the saw can cut of your finger if you put it directly in front of the blade and start cutting. and remember:
use goggles, gloves to prevent debris in your hands, no lose or hanging clothes, tie up your hair, use a bandana or similar f you feel like, and hold on the 'sides' of the piecde your cutting, so you would have distance to the blade. I'm at a mechanical line, so I know this...
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from what I've just read on a norwegian newspaper's homepage (vg.no), Nell used a large wooden stick, 4"/10cm across to chase away the cougar. she tried the pen, though, when Jim told her to stick it into the cougars eye, but it got bent and the idea failed. she kept hitting the cougar with he stick until the cougar let go if Jim and stared at Nell, who waved with the stick and screamed until the cougar fled with a bloody nose. at least that's what VG says. the story is a bit overtold without the stick...
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